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What do I know about YA? Well, what do I really know about kids and slang these days? Writing this genre has shed new light on this old soul. I came across so many fascinating information about slang, fashion, music, mannerisms, etc. My niece is my beta reader and critiquer. Let me tell you, she's a tough cookie. If I get this wrong, it's all her fault. She's brilliant and leads me to wonder if all 13-year-olds are as smart. I tend to bounce storylines with her and I wouldn't say she's the typical teen, she's got a lot of Auntie Jax's artistic streak..including art, music, fashion (she 'borrows' all my Ed Hardy clothes--okay, just about anything she can get her hands on from my closet)...

As I finish the first ever YA anthology for my publisher's new imprint, I'm nervous as heck about the whole thing. How receptive will teenagers be to anthologies? How receptive are they to clean, good 'ole fashion romance? It's pretty tame compared to what's in circulation (no offense), not as dark, edgy, and 'shockingly real' like those mainstream YA books shelved in Teen's section when they should rightfully be in the Adult section. I'm not about censoring anyone, but when my pre-teen and teen nieces and nephews starts giving me the 4-1-1 on the plot of the books they're reading, I can only gasp in horror. I can tell you I am as hip as it comes, but when you're looking at the faces of such innocence and know that the sexual revolution is hitting kids at ten years old, there is definitely a problem.

Anywoo, I kind of enjoy the concept of reading and writing first crushes, first kiss, first love....awww... I'm very proud of what I've written so far and just hoping that these kids will appreciate the 'back to basics' approach for our line. It's something parents won't have to read first before handing it off to their kids. Sigh. I miss those days when I brought home a flimsy foldout of all the teenage books I could order every quarter which included Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, along with those 'first romances' type books that were single title paperbooks the size of Harlequin series romances...I devoured those things and daydreamed about it. No sexual tension, no drugs, and foul mouthed-chain smoking secondary characters...just romance and falling in love for the very first time. Ahhh, that's Amore!

4 Responses to "Young Adult"

Katie Reus Says :
8:50 AM

I haven't read YA in a long time (Man I miss those Sweet Valley days *sigh*) but I think what you're describing will be a big hit :) And yes, TEN is way too young for kids to know about sex. I shudder to think about what my future children will know!

Abi Says :
11:07 PM

Awesome post Jax! I was a Sweet Valley High girl myself and think that what the industry is calling YA should be geared towards adults. I can't wait to read your much needed contribution to this genre.

Robin Says :
9:21 AM

I've just started reading some YA and I'm really enjoying it! I can't wait to read yours and know it will be a big success.

Lillian Feisty Says :
7:01 PM

I can't wait to read it. I bet it's awesome!!

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