Music to my ears...

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I'm just a music lover, always have been. I often like to talk about music and soundtracks that I set to my stories...for some reason this song resonates and is perfect for the mood. Now I'll look for songs to wrap around it. I loved Fleetwood Mac growing up...loved Stevie Nicks. I even loved the version Dixie Chicks made of Landslide. It's a sad and beautiful song and simply perfect! So, now I'm gearing up for a great writing experience. What about you? What kinds of music touches your writing heart?

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Louisa Edwards Says :
10:53 AM

Currently I'm in a seventies punk phase, since my hero and his best friend play it in the kitchen where they work and love to argue about the relative merits of NY punk vs. London punk. Hero's favorite: Train in Vain by The Clash. Secondary hero's favorite: Kimberly (Live) by Patti Smith


jax Says :
4:45 PM

I was in this 80s kick for a while. My girlfriend and I will be going to see Expose, En Vogue, Boyz to Men, etc. in concert soon for the Orlando Food & Wine Festival. That's how committed we are. Wait...let me dig out my old 80s outfit and big hairdo.

Eden Bradley Says :
8:32 PM

You know me-I love the sad, angsty stuff. I have two recent obsessions:
'Live with Me' by Massive Attack-it's kind of moody and bluesy. I'm also obsessed with 'Happy' by Intwine.
Louisa-I'm an old Patti Smith fan from back in the day!

L.K. Campbell Says :
8:34 AM

This is my husband's favorite song, and Stevie Nicks is his favorite singer. He's had a thing for her since he was a teenager. Seriously, I'm not even allowed to talk during one of her songs. LOL!

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