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I've been scaring my nephew for a few days now. He's had to witness his auntie in her various PJs for the past three days with frizzy hair, no makeup, and bags under my eyes that could give Frankenstein a run for his money. Such is the life of an author.

I'm nearing the end and I have exactly a little over ten hours to finish this thing. Then I can finish packing, then I can be dropped off at the airport to take my flight. Wow, this is me every deadline...believe it or not. Procrastinate much? Well, I don't really procrastinate. I'm more of a multi-tasker and throw in a little ADD and you have me. I tend to take on more than I can handle. My mind works at such a rapid rate I can't seem to stop. For instance, I'm on break from writing since 7:30 AM this morning and yet I'm still typing on my blog. WHAT'S MY PROBLEM? I guess it's the curse of the overacheiver...

While the kids all gather at the house for the annual 'trick-or-treat' festivities, I'll be still in my jammies staring at the screen and clicking away on the keyboard. I hate being anti-social but this is one of those times when I got to get used to deadlines because it's going to be a big part of my future.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Be safe, have fun, don't eat lots of candy because I won't have any Alka-Seltzers for you! :)

4 Responses to "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!"

Louisa Edwards Says :
4:50 PM

Sometimes it gets hard to leave the computer, even to pee, when you're on a deadline. There's something comforting about being in the chair...

jax Says :
8:56 PM

Well said Louisa.

I forget to take restroom breaks, and eat, and breathe...

They say the first step is to admit the addiction. Hi, I'm Jax and I'm a computer addict. I've been glued to the keyboard for the past three months and can't seem to get my butt out of the comfortable chair....HELP!

Hope you got your deadlines done! :)

Kwana Says :
9:30 AM

Happy Halloween to you too. Nice author costume you've got there!

Kelly Gay Says :
11:47 AM

Hope you made your deadline, Jax!! :)

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