Kickin' the Internal Editor

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Today I've decided to make myself productive. How? Well, I'm going to enjoy what I'm writing without focusing so hard on story, character development, dialogue. I'm taking a page out of Fast Draft and putting a twist on it. My problem is the internal editor. I need to shut her down and just write for writing sake. I think I'll time myself to see how many pages I've written during that timeframe. Then I can figure out how many hours I need to write to meet my deadline :) Maybe I'll allow myself a 10-15 break in between, unless I'm on a role. I'm going to see my productivity level after that point. In past years I used to write 20-50 pages in one whole day! Yes, folks, it's true. These days, it kills me to write 10. I suppose it was easy when you didn't have life poking at you, but I'm going to try to re-capture that flow. It's all a mental process and if I can learn to shut down those things running amok in my head, I should be able to get in the zone.

Okay, off to make my pot of coffee and then I'm going to write!

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Anonymous Says :
9:41 PM

good luck

Kelly Gay Says :
6:15 AM

Gah. I'm so with you. I used to write entire chapters in one day and now it's a good day if I get in two or three pages . . . *sigh* But still, we can make it work! :)

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