Don't Panic

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Have you ever woken up from a dream all panicked? Your heart is pumping, racing so fast you can't seem to control the stress you're feeling. You're disoriented and can't tell if it was really a dream or your fears surfacing. I had that moment yesterday. It hit me hard--now that I have a SuperFab agent, the rules of the game has suddenly changed dramatically. NY is a tougher market: they want tighter manuscripts, more prolific authors, and they want you to be on top of your game at all times. Small press is a great launching pad to help you get a feel of what the real deal might be...but is anyone ever prepared? While I was hyperventillating and wondering if my writing was tight enough, good enough...something clicked. Although I've seen it coming for a long time now, I have witnessed first hand what all my girlfriends have been experiencing. I've held my breath waiting for any tips and bits of info to help prepare me for when that day came. Believe me, I'm SO grateful that I was chosen, and now I'm going to have to prove to the world that I earned this spot! Okay, I see that my author friends are busier, more stressed, and always on deadline, but I'm not complaining one bit. I'm taking notes and I'm going into this knowing that maybe in a few short months or more, when I do get that big contract, I'll be prepared. I'm shedding those fears and I say "Bring it on!"

Okay, you've got me. As confident as I am...a small part of me is scared shitless. Who wouldn't be? Chartering unknown waters is exciting, thrilling, intoxicationg but I also know it's going to require more than the 100% effort I'm already putting in. I always wondered how epubbed and small press authors felt when they got picked up...I can see why some are content in just writing for the epubbed market without a desire to is a scary, scary, scary step and unless you're prepared for the intensity of have to be willing to make the sacrifices. I certainly am ready!

NY, here I come!!!!

2 Responses to "Don't Panic"

Kwana Says :
2:53 PM

You will take NY and the world by storm! A little fear is healthy. Without it you'd just be complacent and boring. This is good.

Anonymous Says :
5:21 PM

Wait until that NY publisher buys your book. I have a feeling you'll be walking on water with th fear washing away. You go gir!!

A belated CONGRATS, too, on snagging a very cool agent!!

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