I'm SuperGirl!

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It's so easy to say I am invincible but on this trip I was starting to feel under the weather. Of course, I like to ignore the symptoms as travel strain. I've been in Dallas since Saturday and now my sinus infection/flu is catching up with me :( -- Hopefully I've caught it just in time to get it out of my system until my retreat in a few days.

On an exciting note, I found an apartment! It is a sleek and modern Loft in a commercial building...it's a dream and I'm so ready to move into it so I can start decorating! Not only will I get to spruce it up with my own art, but I can make it a makeshift studio for photography. I'm hoping to get enough freelance work to keep me working and allow me to write full time. We'll see. :)

Life is changing and I'm estatic that it's finally going in a good direction. I'll cross my fingers for the the continual progress and I'm thrilled that my resolution for 2009 is to make my blog more entertaining. I'm going to do more author interviews and showcase interesting folks as well as posting my ongoing life saga for your entertainment. I've got a crew of friends here who are wild and crazy and I'm going to document my rise to NY. It's going to happen folks!

Can you believe it's NOVEMBER???? I swear I just rung in the New Year and 2009 is a hopscotch away. I think once I hit 21, the years flew by...sigh. Maybe by December I'll be in my brand new home and can celebrate the Holidays Jax style!

Don't miss tomorrow! I have had the honor of interviewing Heather Stimmler-Hall who wrote NAUGHTY PARIS, A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City ... not to be confused with Jina Bacarr's book (whom I totally adore!)

I'm going to have an excellent interview up and you'll get my take on the wonderful guide that takes you into the heart of Paris, the City of Light, and also a reference book for authors who may be interested in visiting Paris. I don't just love this guide...I can only say Heather's book saved my life when it comes to researching about my current WIP.

You're in for an interesting article from previous Travel Editor of Elle.com and current tour guide of the Sexy City! One last thing...Heather is on tour in the US and is currently signing in NY then Philadelphia. If you're wanting win her autographed book, come back tomorrow!

3 Responses to "I'm SuperGirl!"

Kelley Nyrae Says :
8:59 AM

Sorry I haven't been around. I'm working on getting back into my usual schedule.

Congrats on the apartment. Very cool. My goal for 2009 is to make it to NY!

jax Says :
9:35 AM

Kelley, you know you're going to hear me say "I told you so"... so don't even sweat breaking in. You're brilliant chickie!

Kelly Gay Says :
10:23 AM

Cool! Congrats on the move and fab apartment, Jax!

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