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Wow, the excitement hasn't died down since my release yesterday but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you who have purchased my books. I had a discussion with my girlfriend about the ups and downs of writing for a small press yesterday and during the process I discovered something remarkable. First off, I LOVE my publisher Parker Publishing. They have given me opportunities that have opened doors and opportunities. They believed in my writing abilities and they allowed me a creative freedom I've only dreamed about. Their unwavering support has made it possible for domestic and international readers to discover me. It's been a hard road for us and I'm proud to write for them. Due to the economy, not long ago we were told that our books would no longer receive in-store distribution due to our small press status. I know that our print runs are a maximum of 6,000 books versus a 85,000 to 100,000 print run in NY, but IMHO, it's disturbing to know that bookstores would deny the world of authors, such as myself. Maybe I don't move units like Nora Roberts or Sherrilyn Kenyon or Suzanne Brockmann, but we aren't allowed the opportunities to acquire that new readership when the very people who should want to help authors are turning their backs on us. The promo process is a trying and frustrating one, but I wasn't going to let the big chain stores not take notice. I was going to campaign and show that a small time author like myself can count. I would make it count. As I was researching, I discovered that Barnes and Noble, Borders and a few small chain bookstores were carrying my books in-house! What does that tell me? 1. A small time author can make a difference 2. Promo-ing does pay off if you keep at it 3. The Community Relations person at the individual bookstores are ordering my books based on my book blurbs, word-of-mouth and pre-orders.

Yesterday was an incredible day for me. My discoveries has given me hope that even small press isn't so small anymore. Even before I decided to take the small press route, I had purchased books from a lot of small press publishers. I go to independent bookstores to support them, and I purchase new authors because I want to give them a fair shot. Discovering the undiscovered has often been inspiring. As I continue to produce, I am thankful that my readers, my lurkers, my stalkers are all important because through your support..I am given shelf space in major bookstores across the country! With your continued word-of-mouth and belief in me, I can continue writing those stories that I hope will keep you with me for that longterm career...


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3 Responses to "THANK YOU!"

Kwana Says :
2:34 PM

Jax keep plugging away. You are such an inspiration. Thanks so much for following me and for even noticing. You're a sweetheart. I'll stalk, um, follow you too!


jax Says :
3:10 PM

Thanks! You're quite inspiring yourself! :) I love stalkers, just as long as they buy my books so I can stay in business!

Kelley Nyrae Says :
7:41 PM

Congrats again on the release. You're a wonderful writer! Can't wait to read this one.

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