Flirting with Nyquil

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Can you say Nyquil is my best friend? Yes, it's true. It's gotten me through some nasty coughing, stuffy head nights and I'm certainly going to continue taking the cherry version whenever I'm sick! Every day I'm feeling better and the wheels in my head are spinning as I research for my WIP. I'm growing more excited and my fingers ache to write again...but I know I have to finish my edits before doing so! I swear, everytime I'm hit by some winter illness my creativity just jumps up and down, forcing me to develop the idea into a full-blown storyline. I'm so loving my characters and I am more excited to write about my Tuscan lovers. :) Sadly, I must ask them to wait another few days...

Last weekend I spent time with JamaicanChick and we watched FLIRTING WITH FORTY. Let me just say, BRAVO! It's an awesome book and I am happy to say that the adaptation to tv was very well done. I was so impressed by how the story was translated and the tone of the overall story. Kudos to LIFETIME for making it. For all you Jane Porter fans, it's really worth the watch. Great casting with Heather Locklear and who wouldn't kill to look like her? The movie was very inspiring and helped me re-think the tone of my current screenplay.

Almost four years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Porter at one of the first RWA Conferences I attended. Even then, she was so lovely and gracious. She was going through a transition in her life and so was I, but she was so upbeat and excited about this book. I always remembered her smile and how approachable she was. It's nice to see an author finally get to the point in their life that they have always dreamed in which they deserved. I'd just like to say: JANE, YOU GO GIRL! :)

One more thing...can I just say Robert Buckley is..Oh-SO-YUMMY! Swoon. I'd watch it again just to see him with his shirt off, which was for most of the movie. LOL -- I just had to post this pic to prove my point...sigh.

5 Responses to "Flirting with Nyquil"

Briana Says :
11:43 PM

Nyquil makes me trip. I stay away from it like the debbil.

Kwana Says :
8:55 AM

Thank goodness for Nyquil! Have fun with the research!

jax Says :
4:24 PM

I am seriously addicted. The cherry flavor is good and keeps me sleeping..but I think I'm starting to get immune to its effects.LOL

The Man Says :
7:00 PM

Nyquil, like other over the counter cold preperations, has the potential to cause deliruim. Beware, use with care.

jax Says :
4:28 PM

Thanks for the warning Mr. Man :) -- I am good about not having attacks of delirium. That thing just knocks me out..but I will say, I have really psychedelic dreams!

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