Happy Holidays!!!!

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Before I forget to post on the 25th...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! May your day be magical for everyone in the world who celebrates it.

By the rollercoaster temperatures in Florida, it doesn't seem to be so festive. The weather has been terribly hot and there seems to be no sign of winter. Except for yesterday which held a hint of cold at 41 degrees...The heat really impacts the whole feel of Christmastime. I miss snow. I used to make snow angels as a kid growing up in Arkansas and I miss using a trash can lid as a sled to slide down our hilly slope on our few acres of land. The magic for me was in sharing those happy days with my siblings. There was much laughter, lots of food, and many of our friends and relatives were invited. My brother's band would set up in the house and we'd play live music to the wee hours of the night. My sisters and I would throw snowballs and the world seemed to be filled with peace...

I'm certain most people in the north are complaining about the cold weather, their loathing for the snow plowing duties, bundling up and needing more heat in their homes because hardwood floors could feel like gliding on ice...from my point of view, as great as summers year round are--it does get exceedingly old! I love the seasons, watching the changes and just enjoying the earth's natural metamorphosis. I used to hate living in snow country but over the years I yearn for it. Texas is supposed to be cold so I am excited about ringing in the New Year in front of the fireplace, sipping champagne, and watching the ball drop on my flat screen! Well, that's the first thing MonCoeur and I are getting...he won fair and square. I got the laptop which is so pretty in pink..it will match my Betsy Johnson computer bag and all those pink accessories. I think I'm turning into a girly-girl!

Looking at boxes, I wonder if I'll ever finish packing on time for my big move next week. With Christmas being two days away, I've been shopping for family and wrapping presents until 2:00 AM! I'm not kidding. That's not including helping my parents with decorations at their house and my sister's at hers. I have been packing at a snail's pace and now I'm down to the wire...If I took a picture of how messy and chaotic my space looks, you'd cringe. Trust me on it. I still have shredding and tossing to do and don't know where to begin...this doesn't include going through my storage items from LA. Well, I'm not going to stress about it. Most people know this flu bug/ear & sinus infection has been kicking my butt but I have hope that this will be the end of it for me. I am going to make darn sure in 2009 I will be healthy and on top of the world when I sell big! The Universe is on my side, I tell ya!

Merry Christmas to the men and women who are overseas serving our country. I wish you all a wonderful holiday and hope that you will return quickly to celebrate with your loved ones! Be safe and know that you are thought of during this season...

Want to write and thank our soldiers personally? Go to: http://www.letterstosoldiers.org/

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Kristen Painter Says :
6:42 AM

Merry Christmas!

Kwana Says :
10:20 PM

Have a very Merry Christmas. Take time to relax just a bit.

Kelley Nyrae Says :
8:51 AM

Merry Christmas!

Louisa Edwards Says :
10:55 AM

Hope your holidays were blessed and festive!

Abigail Says :
11:16 AM

Merry Christmas Jax!

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