'Tis the Season...

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I'm kind of looking forward to the cold weather. I love putting on my boots and wearing layers of clothes and hording scarves and hats. It's so much fun when you have winter wardrobe. Tres chic in some places...I hear Dallas is cold and I should have sweaters...I am excited about dressing for winter. In L.A., it could be cold as heck and I'd still wear flip flops. I must be nuts, but it's true. I need to re-train myself to separate clothes for each season so I won't freeze to death. If I don't, I'd most likely wear summer gear all year 'round. I'm trying to figure out when that lack of winter wardrobe started for me, shucks, I can't remember....come to think of it, there are a lot of things I can't recall.

Just yesterday my sisters and I were talking about people we knew years ago and my mind went blank. Who are you talking about? I say. Since my car accident, my memory loss is greater than I thought and it can be frustrating because I've forgotten huge patches of my life--It's SO bizarre. I don't even remember the person I used to be at times and it's a little frightening...even my taste in food and drinks have changed and my family has commented on it. The things I loved I no longer love and the things I used to hate, I totally love. I hope these pieces of my life come back to me because it's almost like a bit of amnesia. Let me just say, if I've met you before and you run into me again, please don't take offense if I can't remember who you are. Faces are hazy, and forget about me remembering names. The only way I can remember is by repetition and focusing on photographs, reciting names of people and associating people to events. Now, I'm not saying I'm totally forgetful, but I do have my lapses. Having short-term memory sucks.

That's why I'm thankful for writing. If I don't do it regularly, I'll never be able to consistently perform as a writer. It took me years to get pieces of proverbs and such straight in my head, and even then, I get them all wrong. :) Hence, my friends are good at laughing at me. Oh yea, I like to create words whenever I forget something...they call it Jaxisms. Hey, it sounds good to me.

What am I doing? Just rambling. I've had too much coffee and I'm a bit wired. I think the combo of cold meds and caffeine gives you a boost of energy...I'm sure I'll feel lousy tomorrow but at least I managed to avoid a serious flu that's been floating around in my household. Whew! Okay, now I need to decide what kind of laptop mini I want for Christmas. Anyone have suggestions? I'm favoring the Dell Mini 9 at the moment and it comes in RED...! Ubuntu Linux or Microsoft XP home? I'm partial to Ubuntu myself and I love OpenOffice..Freeware is always a good thing. Do you own one of those Netbooks or mini laptops? Let me know what you think of yours. I want to be able to get this present on time...but the longer I wait on a decision..Dell Mini, Acer Aspire, MSI, etc..I might not receive my gift until well after Christmas which would be no fun!

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Kelley Nyrae Says :
9:11 PM

I moved here excited about all the sunshine and now I miss seasons. I miss rain. I miss sweaters. I miss being cold. Crazy, I know. I actually miss the weather in Oregon!

Glad you're so excited about the weather where you're moving! How much longer for you?

Katie Reus Says :
6:38 AM

Lol, I'm a flip flop girl too! When I lived in NC I still wore them during those cold ass winters and everyone made fun of me. And when my sis and I backpacked through Ireland, flip flops were the shoes of choice then too (for both of us) ;)

No suggestion on the computer choice, I can barely use my cell phone!

jax Says :
7:53 AM

Kelley -- I'm going a little after Christmas. I love seasons, too. I used to hate the cold weather but when I learned you can be have fun being fashionable, it changed everything!

Katie -- We'll have to do a get together soon. I want to see you all before I leave. Sometimes, you just can't help loving your flip flops. My man tells me he'll need to set up a flip flop fund because I always have a need to pick a pair up when I'm with him...lol

Kwana Says :
8:22 AM

Good post. Love the word Jaxisms. I do Kwanaisms all the time. It's ok.

Eva Gale Says :
7:08 PM

COWBOY boots. In red.

Robin Says :
3:02 PM

I hope you're feeling okay! Good luck with the mini laptop decision. I'm really bad at making choices. But I'm really good at wearing my flip flops all the time too! Keep us posted on your move!

Anonymous Says :
7:06 PM

I don't know. If it saves you a couple of bucks to wait until December 26th, it might be worth it to get the mini-something then.

In the mean time, stay warm. I only like winter because of skiing. ;-)

Kelly Gay Says :
9:16 AM

LOL. I love the winter wardrobe! (And, yes, it does include flip-flops) ;-) I find I always want to diet more in the winter -- too look extra good in my winter wardrobe versus the summer. That is so backwards, isn't it?

aprilm Says :
12:40 PM

I have a friend who was in a serious car accident - her entire personality changed... she can't stand crowds, gets nervous multi-tasking or doing anything technologically advanced (texting is OUT OF THE QUESTION). She can't deal with stress either.

She's always saying, one day at a time. Just one day at a time. It takes a lot of forgiveness and a certain fortitude to let go of the past and start new that way.

One good thing for her, she's now fantastic at art and music... things she hardly ever thought about before.

April Morelock

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