Harlequin Celebrates and the Public Library

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The first romance book I ever read was a Harlequin Presents called SATAN'S MASTER by Carole Mortimer. Fitting title, right? Of course I'd snatch that one up. It was a brilliant, funny, and engaging tale of a grumpy musician, a journalist, and a cat named Satan...you'll have to check it out!

The humble beginnings...
My ex-sister-in-law was a voracious romance reader and she would go to the public library to check out a shopping bag full of Harlequin titles every week. On occasion, I would go with her. Every where we went, she would tote a new book around and when I stayed at her house she would be reading. Out of curiosity, I asked her if it was okay for me to read one. Since there was no sex scenes, she thought it would be fine to pick up this hobby. I think she was trying to make sure I stayed preoccupied. I was in my early teens and I became an instant fan! Reading only lasted a few years, but I remember how engaged I was at the storytelling and the aspect of finding Mr. Right. It was a way to escape when high school studies and life was weighing me down. Perhaps that led to my romantic streak, but all I know was that Harlequin was an indulgence that I could actually afford--because it was FREE at the Public Library! Those days are long gone but I stop into a library every now and then--and the same magic happens. The same rush of excitement fills my soul, makes my heart pound. Since the technology age, too often we forget that we should get a library card and show our own children the same magic. I've seen parents getting their young ones a library card and I've seen the eagerness of having that responsibility. I realize many people buy their books but libraries are a research and place of learning, especially engaging our kids into reading. Of course, I don't have children or pets but if I did have one, I'd endorse this wonderful place....

As a way for Harlequin to celebrate their 60 years in business, they are giving away 16 FREE, ebooks! Yes, that's correct...16! Thanks Katie Reus for giving me an idea for today's blog...

Come and get it HERE....!

5 Responses to "Harlequin Celebrates and the Public Library"

Abigail McKenley Says :
10:26 AM

I love the library too! When we moved here 7 months ago, one of the first things I did was to get a library card for me and DS.

Great post!

Kristen Painter Says :
4:10 PM

I downloaded a few. Just in case I get a ereader someday.

Jax Cassidy Says :
4:47 PM

I downloaded them as PDFs so I can read on my computer. I am waiting to see what MAC is creating that is supposed to blow the ereader out of the water.

Dara Edmondson Says :
7:45 AM

I got a couple as well. Libraries are great places to be - and they are great places to hold a program for aspiring writers.

~tivi jones Says :
10:39 AM

Sweet! I love free!

Thanks for the post, Jax!

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