Happy Chinese New Years!

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2009 is the Year of the Ox and I'm celebrating with a quiet evening at home enjoying great company, food, and plenty of wine!

P.S...I have an interview up at Parker Publishing's Blog...come for a visit!

Here's to the OX!!

The Ox
Born in: 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

Sturdy, earthy, no-nonsense – that’s the Ox. Affectionate and easy-going, the Ox can show a fierce temper when agitated. He is neat, tidy, quiet and studious, with a great love of his home. Music can be a great love. Family life and a loving partner are high on the Ox’s priorities. A wonderful loyal friend.

Forecast for 2009: The Ox sees overall improvements in his situation during his own year in 2009. The main area of enjoyment will be the interaction with others, either with friends and family or on a more romantic level. A key phrase to bear in mind this year is ‘hold fast’. There may be setbacks and delays in the general run of life, but keep calm and persist and all will be well. There will be an opportunity to study and learn (in common with other signs this year) which should appeal to the Ox and there will be a huge sense of pride with what is achieved. Between May and July there are significant developments on the work front, in particular important talks with a boss or superior, while September to November sees very interesting and delightful romantic encounters!

Interesting Ox Facts:
Zodiac Stone: Aquamarine
Special Flower: Carnation
Best Hours: 1-3 am
Season: Winter
Horoscope Colors: Green, Yellow, Black

**Updated** For your Chinese Zodiac horoscope, go HERE!

8 Responses to "Happy Chinese New Years!"

Kristen Painter Says :
11:42 AM

ChĂșc Mung Nam Moi!

You totally knew I was going to say that.

Jax Cassidy Says :
1:11 PM

But of course! Don't you always..I still giggle at remembering the first time you yelled that in my ear!

Kwana Says :
1:40 PM

Happy Chinese New Year, Jax! Have fun.

Louisa Edwards Says :
2:00 PM

Man, I don't even know what sign I am. Not ox! Happy New Year, anyway. I think I'll join you in the wine portion of the celebrations...

Nikki Duncan Says :
2:23 PM


Eden Bradley Says :
3:55 PM

I'm an ox, so this is my year. Thanks, Jax!

Abigail McKenley Says :
6:14 PM

Happy New Year Jax! I'm a dragon...I think it fits. LOL

~tivi jones Says :
5:35 PM

I was born in the year of the Ox. yipee!

Happy Chinese New Year!

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