Priorities and Lists

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I'm an impatient person. I like to get things done and I hate waiting. It's a good trait and a bad one, but the intentions are good. I've decided that I have way too many projects to do and I need to evaluate what I need to do first. So, I've got a brilliant idea to make a list. Yes, I do still schedule my time but scheduling is much easier than prioritizing. You see, I love all my projects. The difficult part is to figure out which story I want to keep working on. I'm getting pretty savvy with the proposals but I haven't completed a manuscript in what feels like eons. Not a good thing for a writer. I tried doing a short novella just to get something finished but I find ways to not finish. Maybe that's why proposals are so easy. I'm only writing 50 pages of the book, synopsis and blurb. For most people, it's excruciating. For me, I've learned to perpetually stay enthused about my projects. Selling the proposals will force me to finish each and every project...otherwise, I'll never have a career in writing again... Well, as I wait...along with most of my friends about their projects...I think I'll try to finish something. Anything.

Speaking of lists..CONGRATULATIONS LARISSA IONE for hitting the USA Today Bestseller List!

Oh, stop by HOOKED because Joyfully Reviewed is visiting today!

5 Responses to "Priorities and Lists"

Kwana Says :
2:24 PM

I hear you on the proposal thing. They seem so much easier to me than finishing a whole book. I too have to finish something. Good luck.

Kristen Painter Says :
4:55 PM

Count me in on the finishing. It's gotta be done! But I'm excited about it.

Jax Cassidy Says :
7:10 PM

Kwana, I think we just gotta keep drinking that coffee and writing our fingers to bloody stumps. I'm all for it!

Kristen, you've finished more projects than I have so I'm not worried about you. Now it's my turn to finish.

Regina Carlysle Says :
10:35 AM

Kelley just sent me over to here to say HI. Wanted to check out the look of your blogs (both of them). I love what you've done here. Very beautiful.

Jax Cassidy Says :
2:15 PM

Thanks Regina! Glad you like the blogs. I am happy whenever I look at them. :)

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