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Have you ever suffered an identity crisis? I believe all authors do. Especially those of us who are writing multi-genres. For the past few months I've been working on my YA paranormal and it's really really really good..well, for one, I get to pull in Vietnamese mythology and throw in my own take. I've modeled this universe loosely after several mythologies...and it seems to work in my mind. The worldbuilding is coming along...and it will take me awhile to get everything down in writing but it's all in my head. I'm just ironing out the details. Of course, what I perceive as good can be crap to others, but I promise this isn't like any typical paranormal you've ever read. It's still got a splash of 'moi' and I'm channeling my inner teen. Complete with angst and, God forbid, cute rebel boys. I still have a synopsis and two chapters to finish because I was'll see what prevented me from writing. Here's a sneak peek at my YA PERSONA. I still have a few items to finish up...including my own photography session. I'm going to do some self portraits with a bit of an edge. For now, I've recycled photos until I can get that bit of my persona to surface.

At least if I sell this series, my underage relatives can finally read my work!

What do you think?

10 Responses to "Schizophrenia?"

Kwana Says :
9:55 PM

Jax I like her a lot! The site looks great. Best of luck with the book. It's tough to wear 2 hats/heads.

Karen Erickson Says :
10:27 PM

Jax I love the YA site, you did a fabulous job!

Maria Geraci Says :
6:19 AM

Your site looks fantastic. And I love your author picture. You look gorgeous!

Kristen Painter Says :
6:52 AM

It's hot!

Jax Cassidy Says :
9:04 AM

I can't wait to get new photos. I want to look like a teen...oh, I already do! LOL

Thanks for checking it out. I am happy now. :)

Louisa Edwards Says :
10:20 AM

You had me at "cute rebel boys"!

Mia Rose Says :
1:44 PM

Jax I adore it! So cutsey, and total teenage fun. Makes me wish I was young again, lol. I can't wait to read some... it sounds like a total hit, lovey.

BTW, the beginning of the post made me think of 'The Dark Half' by Stephen King. I love that book and the movie (also surprisingly good) was on TV yesterday.
Fun stuff.

Jax Cassidy Says :
4:18 PM

The Dark Half? Must check it out. I don't read Stephen King so the only movies I know are like from YEARS ago. :)

Thanks for loving my other self!

Kelly Gay Says :
10:58 AM

YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!! The site is awesome! You're so creative, and I love your graphic work, Jax.

And the Elementals -- Very, very cool!!!!

Abigail McKenley Says :
9:50 AM

Love the site!

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