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Have you noticed that authors are always on a journey? A quest to learn, grow, and understand ourselves? Being an artist, I've always traveled this road and there are many times I've stumbled across heartbreak, anger and fear. I am always searching to understand and to explore, to discover the secrets that I think lies beyond that door that will make me a better writer. A better person.

The last few years have tested me in more ways than one. I've seen a lot, heard a lot about authors who, from the outside looks like they live a charmed life...but even those who were at the top of their game have lost contracts during this economic downturn. I've ran into several authors who have told me that their publishers dropped their series from low sells which translates to "find another publisher"...which means their career could virtually be dead in the water. Not a good bit of news for authors like myself who has worked so hard to get that stellar agent, yet be standing in the waiting line wondering if I will ever have a career. Even with all this, I realize I'm not doing this for fame or fortune (although it helps--hey, I'm not gonna lie).

Writing is personal for me....I've always loved doing it and it brings me joy when someone stops me at conference or sends me an email that says, "I really enjoyed your book." My words are out there and the knowing is what makes everything special. The knowing that I accomplished a complete manuscript and others have purchased it and read it. It does matter...I'm thankful that a reader took a chance on an unknown author. I'm thankful that there are books period. What would the world be without them? Lost. It's painful to even think about it.

That's why we need to buy books. Even if it's once a month, we need to keep this industry going. With electronic publishing making a rise, it does scare me, but my stories are getting wider distribution...but not for one second would I ever NOT buy a book. Nothing replaces the feeling of flipping through pages, seeing the spine visible on the shelf or being able to pass it on to someone with a recommendation. Personally, I make it a mission to purchase books even if I don't read them. Even if I'm on a strict budget, I'd forgo frivolous pampering to purchase books of friends and acquaintances. I want to do my part as an author and a reader. It's important to me as much as writing is.

Writers need readers for the livelihood of their careers. Readers need writers to escape a long, hard day...

This post is a big THANK YOU to all my readers for their support. I appreciate you buying my book!

10 Responses to "Journey"

Kristen Painter Says :
12:31 PM

Good post. Makes me want to buy a book. lol

Abigail McKenley Says :
12:39 PM

On my way to B&N after the man gets home!

Jax Cassidy Says :
12:42 PM

Cool. I've been buying books when I shouldn't. Oh well. It makes me happy. :)

Karen Erickson Says :
12:56 PM

I just blogged about the big box of books I received from B&N yesterday. I buy ebooks but I buy print books too. :)

Kwana Says :
2:13 PM

Wonderful post. So true.

Jax Cassidy Says :
3:43 PM

Karen, I'm an online-a-holic. I can't help buying pretty things. And talk about books, I get a ton of geeky computer books and Mr. Right just laughs. He's happy, I'm happy.

Louisa Edwards Says :
8:42 AM

It's tough out there right now, but you know what? We've got it better in romance than a lot of folks. I'd hate to be a hardcover literary writer right now!

Jax Cassidy Says :
9:45 AM

I'm with you Louisa. I'd rather be mass market. Even my trade books are fairly price, but at $10.95 a book, it seems like a lot to spend. I buy trade and mass market. I rarely buy hardcover, purely for the fact that they're heavy and not easy to carry in the purse. Besides, if I decide to pass my books to my siblings, the postage would be more on a hardcover than a paperback. Just sayin'.

Kelly Gay Says :
1:30 PM

I think I want you to write my blog posts from now on. :D Sometimes I have a writerly thought in my mind, come over here for a visit, and you nailed what I was thinking in some way.

Jax Cassidy Says :
1:41 PM

That just means we're telepathic Kelly! LOL

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