Poolside please

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The sun is beaming brightly outside and I've been daydreaming about laying poolside to get that summer glow. Unfortunately, the pool is being worked on and I'm going to have to wait one more day. Most of my friends are headed to Romantic Times Convention in Orlando and I'm bummed I couldn't make it this year.

Lately, I've been thinking about promotions and what events may be more beneficial to me than ones I've attended in the past. There are several I've been looking into and with conference fees being in the $400+ range, it's easy for me to look into smaller conferences or reader appreciation weekends that will run a third of the cost. I'm starting to see the value in connecting with the readers and finding a connection to them. Isn't word of mouth the best promotion?

Hopefully next year, I'll have more help in the publicity end and won't be solely responsible for it...So, as writers, what has been the best type of promotion for you? What seems to work and what may be the least expensive way to get you visible?

Trust me, I'm signed up for everything from Facebook, MySpace, to Twitter...but I'm not so good at keeping up with it. I find that Twitter can be a great way to be visible but you are constantly censoring yourself so you don't look like an idiot. I don't tweet that much but I'm sure I'll get around to getting better with time....maybe. I'm good at losing interest in things. Blogging is probably the most consistent thing I do.

Okay folks, hope you're having a bright and cheery day! Now I've got to work instead of daydreaming....

3 Responses to "Poolside please"

Katie Reus Says :
1:13 PM

Don't feel bad, I live here and I'm not going either. This year, I just couldn't justify going if I wasn't sure what, if anything, I'd get out of it. I like blogging much better than twitter. Actually, I'm considering deleting my twitter b/c I don't even use it :)

Kristen Painter Says :
2:00 PM

Next year, chickie. Next year.

Jax Cassidy Says :
5:57 PM

I am saving for a conference I really want to go to. A part of me wants to stop twittering but I guess I'll try it out for a bit longer...

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