Dreams take hold

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I have had serious insomnia ever since I can remember and over the years I've taken sleep aids to help me sleep through most of the night. Since I finished my lighthearted Irish tale I decided to pick up where I left off on my YA manuscript. Unfortunately, paranormals weren't in my immediate future. You see, I opted to not take the Tylenol PM that I've been popping since January and I had a terrible time going to sleep. When I finally dozed off at 4:00 AM my dreams were calling to me. It was the most bizarre thing, as if I'm watching a movie about my characters. They even told me what the title of the book was going to be, no matter how ridiculous it was. Maybe buried deep in my subconscious is the teenager waiting to tell her own story through me. I usually have a hard time remembering my dreams but when I woke up this morning, the story was so fresh I had to start on it. How do you explain these things? It kind of freaked me out and when I told Mr. Right about it, he thought it was a great concept. Hummmm, so I loaded up on caffeine and now starting the new YA project.


Why me, and why now? If I don't write it, I know I may regret it later so I guess I'm going to have to buckle down and start the proposal process.

It's been a while since I featured artists I like. Katie Melua is an awesome Irish singer and this particular song is my all time FAVE. Coincidentally, it is the song my heroine chose for to write to....Enjoy!


5 Responses to "Dreams take hold"

Kwana Says :
9:41 AM

Write it out. This is what was Stefanie Meyer says is her story. You have to write it out.

Jax Cassidy Says :
10:16 AM

I have the craziest dreams and often they make for good ideas. I will 'write it out'. LOL :) Thanks!

Kristen Painter Says :
12:15 PM

I LOVE when a book comes to you in a dream. Go for it, chickie!

PS. I miss you. I feel like I haven't seen you in ages.

Robin Says :
1:40 PM

Happy writing, Jax!

Jeannie Lin Says :
9:34 AM

This makes me so jealous! I wish my dreams were coherent.

New phenomenon: I've started to dream in computer screens and e-mail windows. Too much time spent in front of this infernal machine.

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