Eire...sweet Eire

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Visualization is always a plus when you're envisioning a location. My story is set in Ireland, in a region called County Down, home of the Bronte family...so it's certain to be filled with mystery and romance...well, at least a great setting and plenty of hot passion. C'mon, use your imagination--sexy Irishman with a killer smile and sexy tattoos...in this case, you know I'd be imagining Gerry Butler. Who hasn't used the Scotsman to model their hero after, but at least he makes a darn great Irishman! Think PS I Love You with the 300 workout regimen that gave him the yummy physique...oh, sorry. You talking to me? I was drooling.

Okay, see that picture up above, this is what I imagined the cottage my hero owns. Cozy and quaint. I can almost feel the heat coming from the fireplace, a warm cup of tea, and plenty of place to really feel at home where the picture perfect home makes you enjoy snuggling under the covers. There's plenty of cold, drizzly weather in Ireland and mostly year round. I kind of like it. I think that's the difference between Europe and the States, it's known to be atmospheric with the moodiness, perhaps an air of magic. I swear, the more research I do, the more I'm ready to pack up and catch a flight out.

Storytelling is it's own form of magic. The ability to wrap your readers in and keep them there until the very end..that's what writing is all about. That's the reason authors weave stories. I think I can say for most authors, when we tell a story, we feel it, we see it, we hear it, we believe in the characters and root for them. We're like fairy godmothers and we control the outcome of their story. I know that no matter how stuck I get, no matter how frustrated I feel when I can't get in that right frame of mind--I'm always proud of what I've written.

Today I feel especially elated because I totally OWN writing again! It brings everything back into perspective and gives me the added boost I needed after a long, agonizing dry spell...

7 Responses to "Eire...sweet Eire"

Kwana Says :
11:28 PM

Nice post. Yay for the end of the dry spell.

8:16 AM

I can't stop drooling over the pics. I want to live there. lol
YAY on the writing!

Ember Says :
9:07 AM

I love those pics. The cottage especially - what an amazing atmosphere.

Jax Cassidy Says :
10:59 AM

It's always a plus to have something to see in your mind's eye while writing. It sets the mood in my head and hopefully will be believable to the reader! :P But still, I can't wait to go to Ireland...

Kelly Gay Says :
2:08 PM

Okay. Where is that cottage? I want to stay there. Like, forever. Let's go rent it for a summer, Jax! LOL.

Jeannie Lin Says :
7:33 AM

Wonderful pictures. I've always felt you have a very visual, cinematic style and now I know where that comes from! I guess it made sense with your photography background.

Kristen Painter Says :
7:08 AM

Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures! I want to go there!

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