The Light Shines On

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We're reviewing final plans on our move next month. We haven't narrowed down the exact date yet but I know I'm going to hate it either way. Moving is such a pain in the backside and because I've done this so darn much, I'm only wishing that the next big move, after this temporary one, will be into my dream home. Always being in transition is only exciting when you're traveling through Europe or some exotic country but not like this. When the big move happens, I'll be out-of-pocket until all the necessities are installed but I hope to be back up and running quickly. Without my T1 line I'll be screwed and going through serious withdrawal.

On the bright side, my new project is coming along better than I thought. It's such a different voice and it's my first attempt at a single title first person piece. It's going to be TOUGH, but I like the fact that I'm going out of my comfort zone. Maybe it's about time I go a little darker, and I'm loving it. My snarky persona really shines through in this project which I kinda dig. Usually I go over details with close friends but this time I've decided not to tell anyone about it. Maybe I'm getting superstitious but I figured if you're going to be in that cave, you might as well get used to the dark alone. So you see folks, I do see the slivers of sunlight peeking through the dreary clouds. I'm still keeping the faith that everything will turn out the way I hope it would.

Until next week, happy weekend and I hope you get a lot of YOU time. It's nice to take time out for yourself even if it's a few hours. Life's short...take advantage of every second!

7 Responses to "The Light Shines On"

Kwana Says :
8:12 PM

Have a good weekend. Don't worry about the move. At least not yet. just keep writing.

Jeannie Lin Says :
8:44 PM

Moving is probably up there on my least favorite things to do, but learning a new place is pretty exciting. Good luck and definitely reserve some time for yourself.

Jax Cassidy Says :
9:49 AM

Believe me, once you own something, then the excitement just bubbles but if you're renting--not fun. In the back of your mind you know you'll be packing again and I dread that. Hopefully once we are closer to town it will be easier than living in the boonies. This is a nice area, just slow living and so far out it's ridiculous! :P

Kelley Nyrae Says :
6:05 PM

Happy writing! I'm working on something new too. My first YA and loving it.

Jax Cassidy Says :
8:38 PM

Woohoo! Good for you Kelley! I knew you'd do great!!!!

Kristen Painter Says :
2:28 PM

I hope that final move comes very soon for you. You deserve to be settled.

Eva Gale Says :
7:55 AM

You know, I can't tell you how badly I want to be there to help you.

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