The best ever!

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Mr. Right decided to celebrate my birthday. We started out with sleeping in, then lattes at Starbucks and onto the Angelika Theatre where they showcase indie movies. I was thrilled to be able to see THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE documentary about Vogue and Anna Wintours. I'm a big fashion geek. I love clothes, watching fashion shows, and just daydreaming about my perfect collection if I were a designer so it was fun to watch a movie I know Mr. Right can appreciate. After all, he started out in fashion design school but along the way he decided to get his Fine Arts degree instead. He's so creative and because of this, he's very supportive of everything I do. Sometimes you just need that hand to hold, the reassurance that I can do and be anything I want to be. Mr. Right's a good balance in my life because he's the rational and responsible one, while I'm the compulsive/impulsive one. Our relationship is built on friendship and laughter. That's why it's so important for me to make compromises and push forward even when I don't want to. He's truly my anchor...

I must admit, last night Mr. Right made me weepy. After picking me up at the airport and grabbing dinner, I came home to a wall-sized present with a big red bow. Once he unwrapped it, I was speechless...

See that painting above? Mr. Right painted it for me while I was away. He wanted me to have something I'd always remember. This abstract painting is so beautiful and amazing that I'm wondering how he's going to top this next year. Yep, that's my's from an author photo I use for almost all my promotional efforts. He did it free hand and I get all warm and fuzzy just looking at it. It's going to be the first painting he'd have to hang in my office and just the thought of it makes me so happy. Every day I'm amazed by his thoughtfulness and as I think about the future...I'm excited about what it holds for us.

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Eden Bradley Says :
8:54 PM

It's so beautiful! And he's an awesome boyfriend-what an amazing, thoughtful, lovely gift!
Happy B-day, Jax!

Anonymous Says :
9:01 PM

Wow, Jax! That's just...WOW! Happy Birthday, sweetie. You totally deserve it.

Sandy ;-)

Sandra Barkevich

Debbie Mumford Says :
9:17 PM

Talented guy + gorgeous woman = beautiful portrait


9:22 PM

Oh its beautiful!!! He did have a wonderful subject ;)
What a great present!

Adelle Laudan Says :
9:47 PM

How lovely. He's a keeper.

AWTH Says :
10:09 PM

it's absolutely stunning! you're very, very lucky!

Jeannie Lin Says :
1:19 AM

Oh my God! I have tears in my eyes, it's so beautiful!

I'm telling you, your man is going to make it hard for a bunch of other significant others out there.

Hope you had a lovely b-day and glad you're home safe and sound and celebrating with your love interest.

RFLong Says :
3:58 AM

That is absolutely gorgeous! Lucky you and (belated) happy birthday!

Natasha Says :
6:10 AM

Awesome, Jax!! He done good :) Happy Birthday!!

Katie Reus Says :
6:45 AM

That's amazing! Happy Birthday, Jax!

Cambria Dillon Says :
8:27 AM

That's a painting??? Dude - it's freaking amazing!!! Happy awesome birthday present to you (and kudos to boyfriend for having the coolest idea!)

Jax Cassidy Says :
8:49 AM

Thanks everyone! He's certainly a keeper. The painting is actually pretty large. About half the size of my wall :)

We had an awesome day together. Nice dinner and lots of 'us' time.

Brenda Bradshaw Says :
9:32 AM

That left me speechless! How gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

Nikki Duncan Says :
9:53 AM

Aww, he's so awesome. Glad you're safe at home. Happy birthday (again and late).

Gemma Halliday Says :
10:25 AM

OMG. Clone. Him.
Such a cool painting! Glad your birthday rocked!

Liddy Midnight Says :
12:48 PM

Wow, Jax, that's gorgeous!

What they all said about him setting a high standard.

I found a gene-splicer attachemtn for my Kitchen Aide on eBay. Can I use some of his genetic material for a project? I bet we could make a lot of money retrofitting men. (JK)

Jax Cassidy Says :
12:50 PM

You're so funny Liddy! I am too selfish to clone him....I want him all for myself. LOL

Aimee St. Claire Says :
5:54 PM

How beautiful! What a lovely gift and a very thoughtful boyfriend. Hope you had a great birthday Jax! :) Aimee

Abigail McKenley Says :
8:57 PM

It is lovely! He's a keeper!

Kwana Says :
4:07 PM

Sorry to be so late with my Happy Birthday to Mr. Right what a sweetheart he is. So talented and thoughtful. What a gift!

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