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Since I'm not going to have any releases coming out soon, I'm wondering what kind of freebies people enjoy to keep the author fresh on their mind...

1. Free books
2. Free reads
3. Free excerpts
4. Free jewelry
5. Free chocolates

Heck, does anyone ever download my free reads? I'm just curious. I've been pretty busy the last few months but I'm running out of ideas to make my blog more entertaining. I have 23 AWESOME followers but there hasn't been a spike and wondering if there are more lurkers than those wanting to follow me.

Basically, what's the best way to entertain you people? Should I get some celebrity interviews or somethin'? I must think about how to liven up this place.

Let's get the party started.

2 Responses to "Freebies"

Karen Erickson Says :
5:25 PM

I think a free read is always good. :)

Jax Cassidy Says :
8:39 PM

I agree with you. I like free anything but I love reading my friend's stories. :P

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