Smells like Fall

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I woke up this morning bundled up since it's been chilly the last few days. Thank goodness for my reliable Keurig coffee maker that makes the perfect cup every time or else I'd be a zombie.

I've really been trying to fight not learning Wordpress better but I've decided to cave in because I like the prospect of just designing a website my clients can maintain themselves. Of course, there's always a few who will still require my services but I'm happy to do it because I get paid the maintenance fee. Yes, always the business woman. So I've recently been obsessed with learning the CSS and generating a webpage from scratch. I bought an eBook that teaches me how to type in all the content based on my vision. I'm only a couple of chapters in but I'm learning a lot. It's going to require a lot of patience but I hope to be able to produce economical websites for people that I can churn out faster. I totally idolize a few of the designers out there for their artistic and design abilities. I would love to be Frauke at CrocoDesigns because I'm in awe of her talents. My friend at Austin Design Works is pretty good too. When I couldn't take on clients I used to refer them because I'd rather send folks to someone I know would do a good job. I think it's professional courtesy and because if someone's good, they should be mentioned. :)

Hummm...If I had stayed in the graphic design field in college instead of going into journalism, I'd probably be pretty good at--however, I tend to get distracted--hence, I went in the direction of creative writing. It isn't as stressful for me to write because story ideas flow naturally in my head. I'm more troubled by my inability to get on a regular schedule these days. When I'm disciplined, I'm really really good. But when I am lazy--er, preoccupied--I tend to let it drag on...which is not a good idea. These days my distractions are in the form of purchasing writing craft and motivational books that I may never crack open. I'm so weird that way and can't help loving books! I read an interesting blog post on Romancing The Blog about an author/reader who can't get into reading books they would normally have snatched up. I've been going through the same thing for the past 2 years...I can't recall the last book I've finished. I buy all my friend's books when I can afford it, but I mostly skimmed through them. I'm so bad about the attention problem because I think I should be working instead of reading...perhaps everything that's happening in the world has subconsciously affected me.

Okay, I plan on writing at least a few pages today so I better get my butt in gear or else I won't have anything to hand over to my agent. Not a wise idea. :) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I'll be spending it...writing.

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Kwana Says :
4:17 PM

I'm sitting bundled in a hoodie as I write this. Fall is here for sure. LOL. You are a woman of many talents and interests, Jax.

I understand the difficulty with staying focused and keeping a schedule. It's tough but must be done. I'm with you on finding it hard to read. It's so frustrating. I want to read more but it's taking me longer and longer to finish a book nowadays. Sigh.

Jax Cassidy Says :
8:49 AM

I'm going to make you proud Kwana. Yes, I will get through this :)

CoffeePHD Says :
12:25 PM

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Robin Says :
12:38 AM

Wow! Congrats on your Top 100 Romance Novels Blogs award!

Jax, I've always been in awe of all your talent and how you do wear many hats. I can't imagine you ever slowing down and I also can't think of anyone else who can pull off as many different successes as you do. Your drive and determination is inspiring.

Jeannie Lin Says :
11:09 PM

What a coincidence! I also blogged about that fall feeling. Good luck with those pages for your agent.

Jeannie Lin Says :
11:10 PM

Hey, congrats on the blog award! I didn't notice that until I scrolled down!

Katie Reus Says :
11:18 AM

That's what I miss about living up north! It's still hot here :( I want to bust out my sweaters!

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