Happy Halloween!

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This is one of my favorite holidays but this year I've promised myself that I would write and get my proposal done...the one that never ends...before I can enjoy any more days off. It's a tough project and I am committed to getting it finished no-matter-what!

Which leads me to committing myself to laying off the internet except for research reasons this weekend ... maybe parts of next week. However, I will only be online to post on blog days at various places but I am going to buckle down and avoid everything and everyone otherwise. Drastic times calls for drastic measures so I'm grounding myself...sort of.

Wish I was going to some kind of fancy party--ooh, I love dressing up--but I'll be okay about missing all the fun this year because it will be a party for me when I can finally shut up about my proposal and totally brag that "I SENT IT OUT".

Watch me.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Please be safe and have fun. Just stay away from the vampires and werewolves this year!

5 Responses to "Happy Halloween!"

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
6:54 AM

Go Jax!You can do it. I have to go out with the kids and we have family and friends in. But I'll be cheering you on.

Kristen Painter Says :
7:08 AM

There will be other halloweens. That proposal is the most important thing you could be doing, so I applaud your "grounding" and say go for it!

Kwana Says :
6:00 PM

Happy Halloween. Good luck with meeting your goals. You can and will do it!

Jeannie Lin Says :
10:32 PM

Happy Halloween! I've gone on blog silence before to get work done. Write like crazy!

Katie Reus Says :
8:25 AM

Good luck with your proposal!! You can do it :) Sometimes backing away from the internet and everything else is the only way I get stuff done.

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