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I'm sorely lacking on posts, I know...

I'm still pulling my hair out as I work on my current proposal. Man, I didn't realize I would be dragging so much. I am usually the quickest writer I know but lately it's been a real chore. No, I still love writing...I just need to get to that place where everything clicks and I haven't gotten there yet. Believe me, some days are easier than others but it seems like taking a hiatus from writing really kills your writing chi.

I will say that this time of year is my favorite. I've been bundled up in my comfy PJs and monkey sox slippers and sipping on either coffee or hot tea with honey. It makes me feel oh-so happy. Silly--but the little things really make everything better. I'm currently stuck on the over editing portion of my writing. I've freakin' re-written my first chapter 5 times now. I'm officially done....psychologically I'm going to assume I'm avoiding the moving forward part. Maybe I'm afraid of getting rejections, maybe I'm afraid there are hundreds of other authors who will fit their 'trend' and I'll be waiting forever for a response. Even though I know it's a kickass idea, I totally must learn to focus on me. Don't know why I'm getting insecure because I'm normally the type that hits 'send' and move on. Gosh, I'm growing soft. However, I swore I'd start changing things after I lost that bet to Mr. Right. :( But I couldn't help being sick for a week....right, no more excuses. Double or nothing, that's what I told him...

No more to go hide in the writing cave. Without distractions I may just make it by the end of the month!

6 Responses to "Must post"

Maria Geraci Says :
4:26 PM

I think as writers we're all a bunch of neurotic over-thinkers:) Good luck with the writing! And hey, post a pic of you (or raher your feet) in those monkey slippers!

Jax Cassidy Says :
6:26 PM

I'll totally take pics of my dear monkey slippers. :)

Jeannie Lin Says :
9:21 PM

When something is really, realy close to your heart, then the fear starts to creep in. Isn't that one of the tenants of our genre? True love brings out all your fears. :)

I think the doubt you feel creeping in is the flip side of the intense hope and excitement you have for the project. I'm trying to find that happy place too. (And I'm a slow writer, unlike you) Write on, sister!

Jax Cassidy Says :
9:56 PM

Thanks Jeannie! I'm trying real hard to just get over it but it's easier said than done. But I will persist and sell something this year otherwise I'll be depressed I have no upcoming releases :P

Eva Gale Says :
11:31 AM

better gett that thing done, dammit.

Robin Says :
12:15 PM

Good luck, Jax!

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