No More Distractions

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I've been consumed with graphics and web stuff. Besides re-designing my website, I just finished up Romance Divas as well. It was loooooong overdue, let me tell you.

But distractions keep good friend Gemma Halliday just had a bouncing baby boy late last night and I'm excited to be an auntie! I'm also happy to report mother and baby are both doing well :)

Then there's going to be a giveaway at Nikki Duncan's blog on Sunday where Joyfully Reviewed is sponsoring the event. My book THE LOTUS BLOSSOM CHRONICLES is among the ones they're giving out.

On the writing front...I know...I was supposed to start earlier this week but design got in the way. So, I'm starting my schedule Monday--pronto! Looks like I'll be locked up in the writing cave because I have a deal with Mr. Right that I'll be done in 2 weeks. That's including the polish. I work better under deadlines and I will totally be gloating when it comes true--You know it!

Things are looking up now and I'm going to ignore the distractions so it's gonna be a whole lot better. I'm excited about picking up my paranormal because the heroine is SO Kick-A$$ that I wish I was her. The hero is a yummy Japanese science geek which I kind of modeled after Agent Zero (Daniel Henney) in Wolverine. For some reason, I have a good picture of the heroine in my head but no celebrity image comes to mind. She's a sassy Frenchie with lots of sarcasm and fashionable to boot! Okay, as I keep the dialogue going...I will let you all know if this project lands a home in the very near future...which would only mean I will be perpetually under the gun to write. Hummm, not so bad really. But then there's the five other projects I have right behind this one....

Enjoy the changing season...slip on those UGGs! (I know I will...)

5 Responses to "No More Distractions"

RKCharron Says :
7:10 PM

Hi Jax :)
Your MC sounds great.
Thanks for sharing her.
Yay! for the writing you are undertaking. You are inspiring.
Thanks again for the post.
All the best,

Jax Cassidy Says :
7:11 PM

Thanks RK for stopping by. I hope you get inspired to create something magical too! :)

December Says :
7:24 PM

2 weeks eh? Good LUCK!!! kick azz and take names!

Katie Reus Says :
7:15 AM

I don't think I ever told you but the revamped Divas site looks AMAZING!

Jeannie Lin Says :
5:17 PM

Who's this agent zero fella? Helloooo Henney. :)

I always have difficulties finding pictures to match my characters physically. Have fun getting your H/h together!

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