Still breathing

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People have been passing the bloody cold around like it's candy. Mr. Right brought it home from work last week and while I was nursing him all weekend (and most of this week), I could feel myself feeling not so Jax. I personally enjoy being healthy because I love being obsessive and work like a fiend. It's a natural part of me... Unfortunately, I had to endure all kinds of crazy aches and pains and congestion. Not to mention that it only added to additional body pains I already have to live with but that's another story. I'm hoping that I'll be back to normal by the end of the week because I still have a heck of a lot to do!

Funny how much television you watch when you're laid up. I watched several documentaries and one was on HBO about Maurice Sendak who wrote WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. It was a brilliant piece and really gave insight into the artist/author. He's so tortured, says it like he means it, and there's a deep pain and vulnerability to the man. It really made me think about artists and authors and what we share inside our own projects. Watching this documentary made me more eager to see the actual movie that was written and directed by Spike Jonze. Coincidentally, Spike is doing the interview in this and he's adorable! I hear WTWTA movie is a great adaptation that really shows the essence of the book. You can tell that he'd do it justice because of the visible friendship and camaraderie he has with Maurice. YAY, SPIKE!

I was pretty much caught up on all my reality tv dosage. I'm not so sure I should have watched Hell's Kitchen. I knew Gordon Ramsay would go for the underdog...but DAVE! C'mon, I couldn't stand him nor did I have any sympathy for his constant whining throughout the season! He broke his own bloody wrist washing a firetruck! HE was a total jerk during the last food service by acting like a wannabe Gordon Ramsay. There's no respect for it. As much as I have a love-hate for KEVIN, I truly saw how professional he was by keeping his cool during his food service. I was literally yelling WTF so many times that Mr. Right had to laugh...dear Gordon did it to me again! Last year it was DANNY and I about boycotted the show. Don't you all see a resemblance to the two guys who won? I realize that Gordon may see some special spark in the two men he's chosen but for goodness sakes, they look like they wouldn't know what to do at a five star restaurant if it hit them in the face! At least attempt to be savvy! Don't get me wrong, I love the underdogs but when I see professional chefs acting like morons and still win the love of the viewing audience ... I just have to shake my head and let it go or I'll have an aneurysm for over thinking it. Anywoo, I'm going to consider seriously if it's worth watching next year when I know Gordon will disappoint me, yet again...

Okay, I'm rambling but it's simply that when I'm on some sort of meds I feel the need to be vocal. LOL -- I'm going to spare you all and shut up so I can get back to whatever I was doing. But on a happy note....I did get to see THE PROPOSAL and it's a delicious eye candy movie. I totally love Ryan Reynolds even more than I do already. These RomComs are so formulaic but I can't help loving them anyway. It's all about the way it makes me feel when I'm down and icky...I get all warm and fuzzy inside and oh-so emotional. Colds + RomCom = Crybaby. I think the hormones like to be stirred and I get all weepy at the drop of a hat. Not that I cry often but sometimes it's good to, y'know.

On that note, I need to try to get some work done today even if my head is in a haze and all I want to do is eat soup and sleep!

5 Responses to "Still breathing"

December Says :
3:16 PM

what IS it about having a cold that turns you into a total crybaby? I do the same thing.

Ember Says :
8:03 PM

Poor Jax - I'm sorry the fall ick's found you guys. I've been leaving my vitamins on the counter so I have even a hope to remember to take them.

Hope you both bounce back quick!

Katie Reus Says :
12:29 PM

Sorry you're sicky, Jax!! I saw The Proposal and thought I would hate it, but I friggin loved it. Didn't hurt that Ryan Reynolds took off his shirt, lol ;) It was such a cute, feel-good movie and perfect for the mood I was in. I have WTWTA on my list of movies to see this fall too!

Jeannie Lin Says :
10:24 PM

Feel better Jax!

There's something about the Where the Wild Things Are trailer that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. :)

Kwana Says :
8:01 AM

I'm fighting germs too. I hope you are feeling better. Didn't see the finale but Dave. Wow Big surprise there.
Take care you!

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