Procrastination is thy friend

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The first step is being able to admit you're a procrastinator....

Well, can I help that I am addicted to:

1. FarmVille
2. Twitter
3. Web surfing
4. Email checking
5. Coffee drinking
6. Finding an excuse not to write
7. Blogging
8. IM-ing
9. Streaming shows you've missed
10. Procrastinating

Ummm, I'm gonna stop right there because I know I can go on forever. Unfortunately for me, I have a person who will whip my butt (and she'll enjoy it too) if I don't give her page counts tonight so I'm getting off the computer and actually going to try to make my daily writing goal...My accountability has turned into finding someone who will enforce it :P

Yes, I'm going now!

What's your choice of procrastination? Spill it!

5 Responses to "Procrastination is thy friend"

Karen Erickson Says :
1:07 PM

It's my friend too. And lately I've been playing way too much Bejweled. Bejeweled is the devil! :)

Jax Cassidy Says :
2:41 PM

Karen--my sister tried to suck me in with Bejeweled but I managed to only stay faithful to FarmVille. I just love that game! Now, if only I could be as dedicated with my writing as I am to that, I would be so very happy!

Eva Gale Says :
2:58 PM

This is me, not here.

December Says :
7:09 PM

I like to procrastinate by READING!!! YAY!

I'm also a bejeweled fool.

Kwana Says :
8:13 AM

I'm the queen of procrastination. As a matter of fact I'm doing it right now by commenting to you. Sigh. Gotta go make another cup of coffee.

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