Happy happy holidays!

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Every year my youngest sister has a family holiday party at her house. She's one of those Martha Stewart types and lives for any event that require decorations, crafts, and an elaborate Christmas buffet feast. She loves to cook as much as I do and she breaks out the chocolate fondue fountain for these special occasions. I can usually be found around the booze and honey baked ham section to distance myself from the crazed frenzy that comes with a dozen kids racing for the presents underneath the Christmas tree. Next year I'm investing in noise reduction ear muffs.

We always have our dinner a day early on Christmas Eve since our siblings like to travel Christmas Day. Go figure. Well, it works out pretty good because we still have leftovers and those who aren't traveling will be able to spend time together, like going to the movies. Can you say SHERLOCK HOLMES? Oh, right. What was on our menu? It was pretty traditional eats. I must say the fried turkey was AWESOME this year! It was so juicy and well-seasoned that my mouth is still watering just thinking about it. We also had yummy green bean salad, rice pilaf, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet honey rolls, cranberry sauce, sweet golden corn, and for dessert: velvet cake cupcakes. **Groans** I think I gained all my weight back. I can't help it that food is my crack. LOL

Well, every year we also take family pictures. I'm the personal photographer and I get the job of making sure everyone has their portraits done. This year is extra special since my brother-in-law is deploying to Afghanistan for 18 months starting February. There's still a possibility that once he's there, they may extend his stay for another 24 months. We're very proud that he's going to be defending our country but deep inside there are always fears...we'll all be praying for him and hopefully he'll be safe, get his job done, and return home as soon as possible.

Okay, gotta get ready for the active day...

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I'm wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season. Extra special thanks to all the men and women out there serving our country. We'll be thinking and praying for you!

5 Responses to "Happy happy holidays!"

Jeannie Lin Says :
3:42 PM

Merry Christmas! We always do Christmas Eve back with the family too and we also traditionally go to the movies.

This year it's just me and hubby and the roast duck. It smells wonderful. Happy holidays and enjoy your day.

Anonymous Says :
7:03 AM

Happy Holidays! :)

December Says :
10:46 AM

mmm - chocolate fondue. We had ham this year, it was wonderful!

Wynter Daniels Says :
8:55 PM

Merry Christmas, Jax. My holidays went on much of the month and are usually loud, chaotic events, similar to what you describe. Got to visit with lots of friends, and that's what it's all about!

Robin Says :
12:22 AM

I hope you had a great day! Did you see Sherlock Holmes? We did and loved it! Sending best wishes for a happy, healthy and memorable new year!

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