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On January 10th, my novella BRUSH STROKES will be available and I'm just as nervous about it as when my very first project was released. This story is very dear to my heart for many, many reasons. It's a short I've been wanting to write because it allowed me to showcase the sexy Paris I remembered. was a chance for me to write about art. I can never have enough art in my stories and it may be a while before I do it again.

However, the most important reason why I love this story is because I wrote this once-upon-a-time when I considered hanging up my writing hat (one of many occasions)--luckily, I finished the story and was happily rewarded with a contract of representation from my current super agent. This taught me a valuable lesson about perseverance. If I hadn't taken the initiative to send my submission to her, then I would have let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass me by. The lesson for all you aspiring authors out there....NEVER GIVE UP.

What have I been up to? Besides indulging in movies and catching up on reading (which that's for another post)...I'm happy to report I've been writing again. A little more frequent than usual, but a little less than I would like to. Baby steps, right?

Now it's bragging time...maybe these review will help persuade you to purchase my upcoming release...Hope you add it to your list! If so, please let me know what you thought of the story. I'll be doing a giveaway this be sure to check back!

4.5 Blue Ribbons at Romance Junkies

You Gotta Read (highest rating) at You Gotta Read Reviews

4 Cups at Coffee Time Romance

On to other excellent news... I just discovered I won an Ariana 2010 award for my cover design of CRICKET'S MOON for Awe-Struck Publishing! What a great honor.

It's already feeling like a good start to the new year...lucky me!

7 Responses to "Buzz about BRUSH STROKES"

December Says :
6:29 PM

those are some awesome review stats! what a great story, the book kept you writing, helped you land a super agent, and is sounding like a real HumDinger! Can't wait to get my paws on it!

Kwana Says :
2:18 PM

Congrats on all the great reviews. Yay! And thanks for the inspiration.

Katie Reus Says :
5:05 PM

Yay Jax!! Congrats on the great reviews. Release day is just around the corner!

Jax Cassidy Says :
5:18 PM

I really want my readers to love this piece. It's a quick read but I enjoyed reading it during the galley process. I think this upcoming release really has lit a fire under my arse because I'm getting anxious to write again, which is a nice feeling.

Robin Says :
2:31 PM

Congrats, Jax! May this be the start of a fantastic year for you!

Jeannie Lin Says :
6:09 PM

Good start indeed! Lovely cover -- did you do this one too?

I'm definitely grabbing a copy. I love Paris and I love your insights into the artist mind.

Wynter Daniels Says :
8:26 PM

Terrific reviews - WTG! And I love the cover.

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