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As a teenager I hated doing research and I tried to avoid it at every opportunity! Funny how in my writing career I've discovered research is the most important thing necessary to bring a story to life. It's the extra ingredient that brings flavor and life into your simmering stew. It's also the hint of sweetness that glides across your taste buds so easily that you can feel every perfect explosion of luxurious grapes and know they were made especially for that vintage bottle of wine...

My current contemporary proposal is set in a fictitious vineyard surrounding the city of Montalcino. My wine of choice is the exclusive Brunello, roughly translated as "nice dark one", a red wine that is ranked among one of the world's best wines. It is normally reserved for the affluent, or stowed away for special occasions. I must admit--I've had a taste of 'said wine' and it's worth every penny....I'm salivating just thinking of it.

When I think of wineries and vineyards, I think of centuries of tradition. I think of pride and loyalty. I think of passion and love. There's something extraordinary about the wine making process and something so sexy about learning the philosophies and culture of these people. They live and breathe wine like writers approach their craft and writing. Wine is their life. It's magical and it's the reason I am so drawn to the world I've created in this story.

My research usually begins with a single photograph and from there, the image expands into something wonderful...and I am able to recreate the very world in which this story is set. I chose the name di Ponti because it, in essence, means "bridge". The story centers around a hand-built bridge that separates the original villa to the now prestigious empire of Brunello di Ponti. There is so much history that is pivotal in tying the past to the present and it will take two people from different worlds, with the same passions, to bring peace to a town that has been beaten down by strife and sorrow. It's got a hint of magic like Under The Tuscan Sun meets Chocolat.

I really feel like this is the story that I've always wanted to tell. I'm happy I can immerse myself in Italy and get to fall in love with the di Ponti and Campo family all over again!

These photos are the vision of this story in my head: 1. Di Ponti vineyards, home of the hero Luca di Ponti 2. Di Ponti bridge, where the family folklore takes place 3. Villa Campo, where the whole story begins for the heroine

5 Responses to "Rad Research"

Kwana Says :
1:27 PM

Oh my, Jax so passionate. This is very exciting. I want to read it right now. You are making me excited about the research I'm just starting to dive into. Thanks.

Jax Cassidy Says :
3:03 PM

You're too cute! If I sell it, I'll have to pass it to you for a beta read! LOL

Lydia Storm Says :
8:01 PM

What a luscious sounding novel! Good luck with it.

Jax Cassidy Says :
8:17 PM

Thanks Lydia! Glad you stopped by. We need to catch up soon :)

Katie Reus Says :
9:12 AM

I love those photos and I love your process! You are pure awesome and research is fun :)

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