Time suckage

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Still feeling craptastic but I still have an optimistic outlook on everything thanks to this quote from Thoreau. It always makes me warm and tingly all over and I totally agree with him!

Besides having bad sinuses, feeling not so good, and fighting other long-term ailments...I'm particularly pleased that the new vegetarian (sometimes seafood) diet is working well for me. I just need to get more supplemental vitamins. I can tell that the change in my eating habits is doing wonders for me mentally but it may have been a bad time to start something new. That doesn't mean I don't plan on staying on track--I am going to very disciplined about it. On the writing front, I haven't been as productive as I'd hoped but I managed to get all that other freelance stuff done...just at a much slower pace. Snails pace to be exact.

While being laid up, my mom's obsession for Asian Dramedy series has rolled over into my life. There is nothing better than this type of time suckage. These silly shows take you on an emotional rollercoaster. If you've ever seen these types of shows which is basically a soap opera or RomCom tv series, you'd understand how easy it is to get roped in. I can't explain it but the silliness mixed with love story (emotional and passionate) and over-the-top humor just
makes being sick kind of fun. I know, I'm a dork. :) I never thought I'd enjoy these shows but I'm pleasantly surprised.

Okay, time to rest up. I need to save the energy for the big deadline push this week. No time to stay out of commission for long. Duty calls.

Bundle up & have a cup of tea!

4 Responses to "Time suckage"

Kristen Painter Says :
6:27 AM

I'm sorry you're not feeling good, but the soaps sound like fun!

Kwana Says :
8:30 AM

Rest up and get better quick. Sinuses are so tough.

Robin Says :
11:50 AM

I hope you're feeling better! Sending warm thoughts and hugs. :)

elon Says :
3:07 AM

What an awesome present for both of you!

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