Happy St. Paddy's

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Of course, being Irish, I have to celebrate this particularly green holiday! This year is going to be a small and private celebration. In past years I would go out with buddies and we'd drink so much green beer we'd probably glow in the dark....well, today I'm meeting up with my writing friend and we're not going to be persuaded by the little leprechauns--even if they sing and do a little dance. Nope, I'm going to focus on finishing my edits. I'm gonna be a good girl for a change!

I just realized it's been a while since I wrote a story set in Ireland. I must do it in the near future because it's another setting, besides Paris, that I love writing about so much. Hummm, come to think of it, I actually have a project with an editor that I haven't received a response on since last year...

You know that in Dublin they have an actual festival for this holiday. It usually lasts six days and it's filled with all kinds of fun. Makes me wish I was there so I can put on the green wig.

Well, Happy St. Paddy's and I hope you guys celebrate for me :)

3 Responses to "Happy St. Paddy's"

L.K. Campbell Says :
7:17 PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, Jax. I hope you had a great day.

Anonymous Says :
7:02 AM

I hope you had a fabulous St. Patrick's Day! :)

Jeannie Lin Says :
7:21 AM

Happy St. Paddy's! I totally want to go to Ireland. I'd definitely read a story set there just to live vicariously.

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