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Whenever I've been away from writing for too long, I feel insecure and uncertain of my abilities. In my head I am the most prolific and creative writer, but in reality, I'm just a kid who hasn't biked in years. Will I fall off or will I take flight and ride like the wind? I guess I tend to bottle up all those awesome ideas within me and I'm  a little afraid to uncork the contents...but what should I really be afraid of? Failure? Success? Mediocrity? Hummmm, I won't settle to anything more than my best...which is what I really need to remember. My new favorite word...FIGHTING! (A Korean expression meaning: 'go for it!')

I've missed my weekly writing routine the past 3 weeks so it was so nice to start it up again. I think that even when you want to be reclusive, there's a part of you that needs to be pushed. Needs to have that companionship that will confirm that you have the support system even when you think you don't. Today is extra cool because my friend's birthday is next weekend and we're celebrating with an early intimate dinner as a prequel to the party. We're having sushi!!!! Can't live without my love for seafood!

Back to my current project...I laugh to myself because I am an erotic romance author and yet I must add in more meaty sexiness....yikes! How is that possible to lack sexiness in my storytelling? Makes me realize that we need those moments of imperfection to soar....to ride my bike without holding onto the handle bars. To feel the wind on my face and embrace the exhilaration of facing my fears head on.

3 Responses to "Writiing weekend"

Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
8:54 AM

I had a great time.

Lydia Storm Says :
1:08 PM

I've been beefing up the sexiness myself this weekend. In my book of course. :) Once I get back on that bike, sometimes I'm amazed at the fun I forgot I could have! I'm glad you're back on yours and going for it!

Jax Cassidy Says :
5:09 PM

I had a great time Chuds. Will have more fun on Sunday for the big bash!

Lydia--so glad you're working on something new. We need to collaborate on a screenplay! :)

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