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I wanna hum-- sing at the top of my problem, I can't sing..croak..

The sun is out. It's a new day and I've gotten the Romance Divas Blog finally up and soon will populate with articles and divalicious tidbits... the weather is so beautiful I'm sidetracked. My head is churning on ideas for my current WIP and I'm taking notes. I spent half the day with Lisa, but it was a good thing to get away and have fun before I roll up the 'ole sleeves and delve back into my work.

What's on the agenda.. a book review, a website, a few edit pages and writing on Parisian Skye.

Need another cup of coffee and I should be good to go. The weekends... Love 'em! Too bad it's never enough time to get things done before the work week!

Must resist the urge to play hooky!

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Kristen Painter Says :
8:39 PM

So how was the anniversary night out? Sounds like you're in a good mood so I'm thinking it LOL

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