Uh-huh, Uh-huh...It's my Anniversary

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Has it been six long years already? Considering it flew by with a blink of an eye, I still can't believe it. Feels like yesterday we were just saying the "I do's" ... now fast forward to 6 years later, no pets, no children... just aspirations and determination. Well I can't say it was an exciting thrill ride every moment, but it was a crazy enough rollercoaster and I'm glad we arrived at this point of understanding. You see, I'm hard to live with. I'm stubborn, short-tempered, workaholic and recently a recluse. I barely hang out with people socially and I fear my skills are slowly diminishing. Why? I've been working my arse off.. between my WIP, graphic design, full time corporate and then some...who has time to be social. I can say my only connection to friends is my cell and tele. If it weren't for Kristen or Lisa I'd be a total hermit. Might as well take me to the mountains and drop me off-- as long as there's food in the fridge and a DSL line I should be fine. If it were that simple :)

Okay folks, I should have been writing but instead my geekoid mind made me do it. I was coerced into doing it...the sweet call of blogging has taken over my brains. I spent 9 hours learning and testing and building my very own blog template...the Jax look and feel for the moment... jaxadora.blogspot.com -- call me crazy, it was a thrill, a total obsession and now I'm trying to do something with the Romance Divas' blog.. romancedivas.blogspot.com -- okay, I'm bent on cleaning, writing, and finishing web work this weekend. Wish me luck!

Now, gotta go find a nice bit of black lace for some research..ahem-- er, yeah, research.

7 Responses to "Uh-huh, Uh-huh...It's my Anniversary"

Lynn Says :
10:37 AM

Congrats on the anniversary, and the blog looks gorgeous!

Jennifer St. Giles Says :
10:40 AM

Jax!! Wow What a great job!!! And Happy Anniversary!! Run to Victoria Secrets and order Gormet take out!! Luv Ya

jax Says :
11:03 AM

Thanks, I'll be sure to get the Gourmet-- "eyes pop out" selection. hehe. Thanks y'all!

Kristen Painter Says :
11:31 AM

You do know there's medication available for people like you, right?

Happy Anniversary, you maniac!

Elbie Says :
2:46 PM

Enjoy your research! :-)

Gina Says :
3:38 PM

Congrats on the anniversary!

Eva Gale Says :
10:15 AM

Beautiful new design. Wow. Hope your weekend was wonderful.

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