RENO, take me away....

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I'm packed...nearly. I'll have to book it home from work and throw the rest of my stuff in the luggage before bolting to LAX. Wow, sounds exhausting already. I'm fighting a bad hair day and I'm so excited I couldn't sleep for the past three days. How nerve-wracking. Are conferences really suppose to be like this?

Well, I know that everyone I've talked to have made a list. I don't do well with them because I tend to forget them somewhere in my haste to get things done. Heck, I don't even make shopping lists.

Okay, this week I'll be out of pocket as I plan on having a grand time at the conference. Since I'm a bit of a RWA Con Virgin, I'll try to soak in all the details and maybe keep a journal. I won't guarantee I'll have internet access, let alone have time to do anything other than workshops, schmoozing, bar hopping, pool lounging..but I'll try. Gee, I haven't been this excited about anything since Christmas 1975! hehe -- hope my hubby doesn't wreck the house. He's throwing a huge party because I'm leaving. Go figure.

I told him I've counted all the silverware. :)

I'm off folks. Wish me luck, and if any of you are going to Reno, stop by our Romance Divas' booth at the Midnight Madness Bazaar and get some of our cool merchandise. They're hip, fun, cool, and DIVA-lightful!

Jax OUT..

3 Responses to "RENO, take me away...."

Eva Gale Says :
11:30 AM

Hope you have a great time and I really hope he hires a cleaning lady before you come home.

Silma Says :
7:51 PM

Enjoy yourself! Let us know what happened.

Lynn Daniels Says :
3:53 PM

I'm so bummed that I couldn't get out to Reno to meet up with you. Please tell me you're doing Atlanta next year. Please? Please please please?

Hope you had a great time!

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