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It's been 3 days since I've returned from Reno and life has been one big blur. It's not like I went overseas, but my body is telling me I need R&R. Maybe all the late nighters and early morning wake up calls I didn't realize I was in zombied mode. Thankfully there were cappuccinos!

How did I like Reno and my first time? I'm giddy just thinking about it. Being a virgin RWA conference attendee, it wasn't anything I'd expected. Between the great Spotlight On these publishing houses, workshops, goodie rooms, lunch speakers, schmoozing and having fun at the slots... I could say it made me see what I'd been missing. I think after this whole experience I will not miss another RWA event again.

I would have to say the special part of all was not the glitz and glamour.. it had to do with meeting up with friends, new and old, and learning about the-- sharing the week with people who will impact your life forever. Yes, there's this special bond that you get from forming friendships and knowing that they really want to know about what you write because they're in the same boat you are. Looking to publish, looking to make a mark in the world, looking for writing full time.

I was sad to leave on Sunday but now it's up to me to keep in touch and watch these friends flourish in their careers and their lives.

8 Responses to "Back to reality"

Gena Showalter Says :
3:00 PM

I always have such a good time. And, let's face it, I had a REALLY good time at this conference for utterly humiliating reasons LOL. It was great to see you in person, you saucy little wench.

jax Says :
5:50 PM

Looks who's talking.. you're babelicious. :) Thanks for the tattoos. If you'd ask me, I would have married you.. haha..

If you guys don't know what I'm talking about you need to go to Gena's blog!

Gena Showalter Says :
6:16 PM

Okay. I think this is the coolest day ever. Jill Monroe is fighting for me. Jax would have said yes if I'd asked (and I just might, you naughty thing). Any more takers? Gena is up for grabs!

Diane Says :
6:56 AM

Sounds like fun was had by all. I'm sure next year, I'll be like you Jax. My eyes will be trying to take everything in at once. Looking forward to my first conference.

jax Says :
12:12 PM

You'll have a lovely time Diane! I'll be in Atlanta for it next year and I may just go to RT in Daytona... we'll see.

Gena, who wouldn't want to fight for you. You're Hot Stuff..hehe. I'll give Jill a run for her money!

Donna Grant Says :
12:02 PM

Jax, hey, sweetie!

It was so great meeting you - everywhere - at Reno. :) And nice to feel "normal". (hehe)

I don't miss an RWA event if I can help it, especially nationals. I'm already looking forward to Atlanta. :)

Adrienne Kama Says :
6:10 PM

Hey Jax! Which conference did you enjoy more, RT or RWA? I'm going to try to go to both next long as the wallet is willing.

jax Says :
7:26 PM

Hey Adrienne. I liked them both in different ways. I like the informal, casual feel of RT and all the dress up parties and just hanging loose. I like the RWA because it's a place to really target editors/agents and meet the writers you love so much. It's a little more of a professional atmosphere because it's mostly for writers and not like RT where it's geared more towards readers. They're great on both levels.

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