Heat Wave

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Okay, I'm borrowing the name of the title of Eden Bradley's book to serve as a segue into this bit.. but seriously folks, this heat wave is killing me. My brain isn't functioning, I'm in a weird cosmic funk and then Katrina had to come and blow over New Orleans.. see what I mean? Maybe I conjured it up.. lol

Anywoo, I've decided that I'm MAXXED. When did I come to this realization? Well, it happened when I finally took a good look at my office and it looks like the hurricane stopped off at my place and left me to sort through the pieces of my life. Simply, I have stepped back and re-evaluated the situation at hand. First off, I'm going to be focusing on my writing more. I'm taking a break from web design (Sort of-- I'll be finishing sites due to my clients). Yes, I will be writing my little fingers off until they are bloody nubs to finish all three books. That's right folks--count 'em.. un, deux, trois! I haven't felt like a writer in a while and it's time to buckle down. Like my niece says, "Stop screwing around and start getting serious. Be responsible." Miss Smarty pants is 12, what does she know about discipline.. well, she is in the top 5% in the state for middle school. :) Alright, I get the hint. I need to focus. I need to crack down on my Time Management and really shift into high gear. Besides that, I've started walking 45 minutes everyday and soon I may be headed back to Vegetarian-ville. Hey, I did it for 9 years before falling off the wagon.. I'm going to get back into the organic lifestyle.. Just watch me.

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Lynn Daniels Says :
6:58 PM

Since you said it, I'll expect full reports of your trip back to Vegetarian-ville. I admire anybody who can do it -- I know I couldn't. I'm too carnivorous.

On your refocusing, I'm pulling for you. I know how all the little things tend to add up to one giant distraction, so I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines. Get those three books done!

Scary how dead-on our smarty pantsed young ones can be, eh?

Donna Grant Says :
8:18 AM

If anyone can do this, Jax, its you. :) Good luck and keep us posted.

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