Nothing's ever dull in La-La Land

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I woke up Saturday morning with the serious case of the spins. Couldn't sit up, couldn't walk without wanting to puke and the world kept spinning. I popped like a dozen types of headache meds and nothing. Nada. Zilch. I was sleeping most of the day to get it over with and still managed to pry myself out of bed to do webwork and maintenancing on Romance Divas.

Sunday I woke up with the spins, but a little less so. Still couldn't focus and was grumpy as hell and had to do more stuff on websites and was miserable.

Monday I had no choice but to go to my doctor. Waited for 3 hours just so I was told I had Vertigo and that it would go away anywhere from a day to a few weeks. No kidding? I will walk and act like a drunkard or druggie for that long? So I get meds that put me to sleep. Why bother waking up? Then I get a pint of blood taken out so they can run tests on me. After I waited an hour for them to do this. Okay, I get home and hop in the shower to get rid of the sick germs all while thanking God I didn't careen into someone coming to and from the doctor's office. As I step out of the shower the electricity pops and everythings out. I'm naked, dripping wet, and there's no power. I do the best I can to get dressed and walk around the building in a dizzied state looking for any of my friends/neighbors to be home. I accost Paul and we take a walk for five blocks and see the pandemonium. Nothing works, all the shops are closed and it's like my friend said, "Dawn of the Living Dead." I think I'm living a nightmare.

Paul and I head back to the apartment and notice the garage gates are open so we hop into my jeep and decide to head out to Glendale because we hear they have power. We putz around in Starbucks and then we find out the power is finally back. It's now a bad comedy and I'm like one of the Stooges. I get a call from my friend Jesse and he tells me all of Downtown has evacuated, gone home due to no power. It's obvious the one day I call in sick there's a conspiracy. I lose a sick day. Can I just say this is a weird freakin' month and I'm expecting vampires, ghosts, goblins, and demons to surface and I'll have to stake them in my current mental state. Hummm, I need more drugs.

Where is this story going? I don't know.

6 Responses to "Nothing's ever dull in La-La Land"

Eva Gale Says :
10:34 AM

I thought that was your normal state of insanity?

See? I'm commenting!!! Strange, obnoxious comments. This is what you wanted, right?

jax Says :
6:56 PM

Oh, you're so gonna get it.

Adrienne Kama Says :
8:24 AM

Yikes! Are you feeling better yet?

jax Says :
10:17 AM

Nope, still out of my head Adrienne. Thanks for asking.

Although, I can say I've learned a lesson from this. :)

Silma Says :
2:51 PM

It'd sure make one heck of a great story - I mean, if you put in some vampires, ghouls, and other ether-world meanies to get you. I can see it now, Jax! This could turn into one serious Brava story. *wiggles eyebrows*

But on the vertigo thing, I suffered from it. Still do when climbing ladders. Hope you get better.

Annalee Blysse Says :
3:50 PM

Hope you feel better soon.

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