One of those days

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Well, I'm thinking that I'm not alone in this. As a writer you tend to find yourself in the midst of writing the greatest romance novel and then BOOM! you suddenly get stuck in a pause. Not really like a hiccup where you get your mojo back in a day or two, but the kind of pause that makes you hesitate and wonder if writing is for you. C'mon, it's easy to persuade yourself to quit but deep down you don't want to because you want to sell more than the person who's announced the sale. Not because you're being mean and petty, but because you want to say I'm good. Friendly competition isn't a bad thing if you are fired enough to write the best story you can.

I'm thinking all these insecurities isn't really stemming from friends or acquaintances who have made a's the inner part of you that is scared you're wasting your time on a dream when you think you suck. Yeah, I've been in a rut but I still produce and it amazes me. So my muse likes to play hide-n-seek and chooses the oddest time to inspire but you gotta love her. I found myself wrapped up in so many personal issues this weekend yet I have to thank that pain in the ass for gracing me with her presences when I needed her..even for a brief moment.

As the world tries to rebuild, understand devastations, accept these conflicts I find my problems a bit small. This morning I woke up to a profound understanding. I need to make changes in myself and often I thought I understood -- I never understood at all. So, this morning everything clicked and I can say I'm pleasantly...happy? Yeah, comfortably happy. While I figure out where to go from here I know everything is going to be all right.

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Silma Says :
4:25 PM

I know how it is, Jax. I go through that at least 3 times a year. I don't know how I manage to get out of that funk, but I do and then everything seems to be alright - even if it's going all wrong. *lol*

Eva Gale Says :
7:00 PM

Well now that your on an even keel get your ass in the chair and write.

Stop writing? What kind of wuss thinking is that?

I'll walk out there and sit on you. I could do some damage. :P

jax Says :
12:45 PM

I actually finished my Woman's World article yesterday and going through edits. I will write a few more for warm ups.

Donna Grant Says :
11:09 AM

I completely understand, Jax. Glad your happy. :)

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