Under Construction

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I've been obsessed with creating my own template. I kind of took the easy way out and figured a way to snazz up my blog just a tad bit. It's not anything intricate, but I like it. Hope you guys do too!

Although I like templates offered by BlogFrocks, they haven't programmed the comments portion in, so it would be a journal rather than offer reader comments. :(

I'll keep learning and keep implementing... Stay tuned.

8 Responses to "Under Construction"

Eva Gale Says :
11:10 PM

This is more in your style. It keeps with your site.

Kewl. I like it better. The other was pretty but this is elegant.

Now could you fix my links pretty please?

Adrienne Kama Says :
7:21 AM

Nice! I love the new header and dark background. I agree with Briana, it's elegant and sexy (I added the sexy :)

Donna Grant Says :
8:03 AM

I LOVE it, Jax. Very good job, but then I'm not surprised. :)

jax Says :
11:01 AM

Bri: I've already fixed your links dorkus... did you try it out yet? I made sure they worked. LOL

Thanks ladies. I wanted to make this blog fit my website, so I'm pleased with it as well. You gals rock!!

Eva Gale Says :
5:38 PM

Adrienne-You're right! It is sexy!

Just tried my links-thanks!

I have ONWJ for you!

Laura Bacchi Says :
8:17 PM

I like this one, too! You're so talented :)

Silma Says :
9:36 PM

This is really cool! Although the previous one showed your personality too. Maybe this one shows your secret personality. *lol*

Annalee Blysse Says :
3:45 AM

Looks great!

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