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If you've never tried Book In A Week (BIAW), you should. It's not only stressful, it keeps you going because you want to perform. Frankly, I think it's the competitiveness in me. I like to write as much as I can because while others are struggling with 2-3 pages, I'm wanting to clock in at 20. Almost like running the marathon and knowing you're so far ahead you want to challenge people to catch up. I'm a bitch that way, but how I see it, I'm trying to motivate. All the ladies at my chapter are good sports. They really do try and sometimes I feel guilty for posting my daily results. Often I don't do the BIAW because I have to be in the frame of mind to work. Now, with the holidays I feel like being lazy--but, oh no, I am constantly kicked in the butt by friends and spouse to write. Still my canvas lies untouched and I wonder when I'll get back into it again. Oh well, maybe this weekend I'll paint, but hubby is out of town for 5 days then I'll be joining him for the holiday. That leaves me with plenty of time to procrastinate... NOT!

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