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Boy, do I love movies! I went to see Harry Potter today and it was excellent!!!! Lived up to the others, although, I thought this one was better than the previous ones. My only beef is that the ending seemed a bit abrupt. Otherwise, the special effects, the acting, the production was great as always. Don't you hate J.K. Rowlings! She's too brilliant for her own good. I've only read her first book in the series, but to see it come alive at the theatre is such an amazing thing.

There are so many great movies out lately and I'm glad for it. Next on my list is Walk the Line, Chronicles of Narnia, Aeon Flux, King Kong, Da Vinci Code...

Hubby went off on holiday early and I'll meet up with him on Wednesday so I've been keeping busy. In other words, procrastinating when I should be writing. Anyhow, I'm wired on coffee and need to get dinner.

This is my free day so I'm going to have fun!

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Adrienne Kama Says :
5:51 PM

I've been seeing The Chronicles of Narnia everywhere lately. I've been debating buying the book, but always talk myself out of it. After LOTR the movie will probably be huge.

jax Says :
10:24 AM

You should check out the books at the library. I loved the Narnia books. Of course, The Lion, the witch, and the Wardrobe is one of my favourites! I use to watch the cartoon that was shown on tv every year as a kid...loved it! That, and The Last Unicorn--incidentally is being made into a CGI movie.

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