Bad days...

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I hate bad days. It starts off like crap and the rest of the day tends to end in the toilet. Pardon the visuals. Well, I won't let it get me down. Eek!Tomorrow night the Amber Quill Contest will be revealed and then I'm scrambling to finish the Phaze contest entry. Then tonight I've got to create a 5X5 piece for a quilt that Romance Divas is auctioning off. It's going to be fun. Maybe I'll paint on fabric.

Anyways, there's a lot going on in all my friend's lives and I'm trailing behind.. Can I say publishing possibilities? I'll give the scoop when it's finalized.

I looked on my calendar and realized I don't have another 3 day weekend until May. Yep, it's going to be a long 3 months. Some days I want to pull the covers over my head and hide..sleep would be more adequate, but I don't know what that's like anymore. haha!

On a good note, I'm almost done with another client website and it really makes a difference to force the client into my company so I don't have to send and receive a hundred emails. Yep-still proud of myself for slowly getting it done. Slowly is the operative work as my arthritis has been killing me. That, and lack of time.

I should set up a "Feed Jax" fund so I can stay at home and write. Wouldn't that be something. "Aspiring artist and writer needs donations to keep her alive." That's a good headline.

3 Responses to "Bad days..."

Lauren Dane Says :
5:00 PM

Good luck with the AQ and the Phaze contests!

Jodie Says :
6:13 AM

Puts another spin on 'starving for your art' ;p

Well, good luck with the AQ contest and Phaze and well done on your achievements thus far!

Oh, and WHY does blogger gives me the LOOOONG word verification? This is like the zillionth time!!

Lynn Daniels Says :
2:16 PM

LOL at "Feed Jax." Maybe you should try doing that on eBay. I've seen other stuff like that there.

Good luck with AQ and Phaze!

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