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It's the weekend and I'm hard at work on the Phaze Heat Surge contest. Yep, I'm gonna be writing away and putting current WIP on hold. I figured the best way to practice is to submit. I've been lazy about it but I think I ought to give it a whirl or I'd have to wait a whole year.

Last week I was pissed off when I was trekking to the subway station and as I walked across the parking lot I noticed someone throwing their trash in the bushes. I would have ran up and totally gave them a piece of my mind, but 1. they were two far away and 2. there were four of 'em and they looked pretty rough. Now, I'm not afraid of confrontation or getting into fisticuffs but when you know you're outnumbered, you're not stupid enough to try. So, when I did catch up with them I made a snide comment and gave them dirty looks. It made me feel better. What's up with people? There's like five trash cans around! Save the environment and drop it in the darn thing. I'm still enraged!!!!

I have a lousy HMO and I don't feel well. I've switched doctors 5 times in the last year and a half and now I have to switch again. Problem with HMO is that everything is specific and all the doctors who accept it usually overbook so they don't pay any attention to your ailments. They pat your hand, give you a fistful of prescriptions and send you on your way. Today, I'm looking for a new DR. I can't wait until I can change over to PPO. I don't care that I'm spending $400 extra a month on it just to get some good medical care. I need it.

I'm taking yoga. I've decided to attend classes with Lisa next month. Yep, I need to start doing it once a week with her and then take an additional class closer to me a couple of days a week. It's exciting. My apartment manager says we're getting a new gym. Heck, they should for raising rent 10%. I swear they raised my rent two months ago but I'm too tired to move. I like my little apartment and loft. It's cozy and I get a lot done. I'll be here another year or so unless I win the lotto.

Gosh, I need to start writing....

3 Responses to "What's on my mind..."

Karen Says :
8:27 PM

Good luck with the Heat Wave! I haven't decided yet - might send my Amber Quill entry that way if it doesn't pass muster there... 3 more days and I'll find out!

People who litter make me very, very mad. I don't blame you for getting mad about that. "Dude - you've got to live in this world, there's not another option. How 'bout you don't mess it up anymore than you have to?" There, I feel better now. I'm sure they're going to read that and feel terrible for what they did...

jax Says :
12:14 PM

hello from the other jax! hey, you are on the left coast, i'm on the right, i think we've got this continent properly jaxified!

Kelly Gay Says :
8:39 AM

Hi ya, Jax! Didn't even realize you had a blog, lol. I'm a little slow on the up-take these days. :) I do yoga 3/4 times a week and love it. I think you will, too. It just makes you feel good all over, body and mind. Good luck with Heat wave!

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