Rain, Rain...

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I guess I could be singing "It's Raining Men" but then I'd have to don on 8" stilettos, something sequins and flashy, a fat blonde wig and have a makeup job worthy of RuPaul...but I've actually been humming "Singin' In the Rain" because the darn rain just won't let up!

Last week my MP3 player came in and I love it! It's so lightweight and fits in my pocket, so my obsession wth James Blunt is carried over onto my little doo-hickie. Now I can block out those crazees on the subway--hopefully without missing my stop.

Anywoo, I've been comparing notes on my writing progress since my first novel and it amazes me how far I've come and how much further I'll go. I've read tons of "How to" books on writing and haven't found one that keeps my attention since I'm so ADD. Serious! Of course, I've like a few books like Stephen King's ON WRITING, and Christopher Vogler's A WRITER'S JOURNEY...even got the WRITING ROMANCE FOR DUMMIES.. but these days I'm just plum tuckered. I am waiting on some books Briana professes to...still waiting. LOL Maybe they'll pique my interest!

Yes, I'm a panster, but at least I am a well-thought-out one and possess a developed mental story board in my head. I see things like moving images and every book is a movie so I guess I write like it. Lately, I'm getting better at descriptives and the characters are very vivid. Scares me sometimes that they feel like they can walk out of the pages and function.

It's a nice feeling to have a writing partner that clicks. I'm thankful I found someone who I am more than confident about her abilities and one who is fine with sharing. We work really well. We sit next to each other in my office and we practically finish each other's sentences. It's as if we share the same mind. Creepy, but the writing doesn't reflect two voices--just one. It's bizarre. I love it because we are producing so fast that it is even more frightening.

So our story SANTA'S HELPER will be published by Amber Quill Press in June 2006. Keep an eye out for it. We have 2 other stories in this trilogy. I will keep you posted.

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