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Lisa dragged me and Amanda out on Saturday for a day of fun. We started off with a fantastic lunch/dinner at this cool restaurant called the Yard House in Pasadena where we stuffed our faces. Then we proceeded to go for the Royal Pedicure treatment at my favourite place--Happy Nails...let me tell you, if you've never pampered yourself and gotten a manicure/pedicure..you ought to because it's heaven. Next go around I'm going to a full day spa!

Afterwards I went a little crazy on the shopping...I need a 12-step program. I really do! Well, I purchased one too many fun tees, stuff I don't need. But, the highlight of my night was getting a brand new Fossil watch. I'm pretty rough on mine and recently broke the little thingie that turns the time. I don't know how I did it but I did! But I'm really happy with my androgynous watch! It's fully silver with a square face and it's got a neat little wave design in the center where the hand is and even has the date! I'll have to show you another time. LOL

Okay, so the rest of the weekend I spent writing, and finishing up a client website! Very elegant, I might add! But let me tell you what a real geek I am. Somehow as I was channel surfing I came across ABC Family and they were doing a marathon of this new show called Beautiful People. Although I don't normally watch TV, except for American Idol.. I would have to say I love this show! It's juvenile of me, but it's a mix between 90210 and the OC. It's pretty decent writing and it sucks you right in. I hate to admit it, but I'm going to have to start watching it. Please forgive me, all you intellectual types.

Hey, don't cast stones until you watch an episode. Okay, on that note so I don't make myself even more of a fool..I'm running off to bed. Early for once in my life.


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doc-t Says :
1:02 AM

I think most of us have somethign we like that we don't want others to know about...

I havent had time to watch much t.v. in years.. but i LOVE Iron chef and "junkyard wars" how geeky is that?

jax Says :
1:37 AM

I love Iron Chef! I love the food network.. so, NO, you aren't geeky at all. I use to watch Junkyard Wars w/ then boyfriend and it was pretty fun. Those were the days. Glad you found my blog :)

Yes, I try to stay away from as much TV as possible or I'll never get anything finished. LOL

Adrienne Kama Says :
9:55 AM

Talk about geeky, I love that show on the food network with the lady from either Charleston S.C. or Savannah, GA. I can't remember which. But she has white hair, a down home accent, and she loves to cook. I absolutely love that show. Oh, and Great Hotels on the Travel Network.

All right. I'm stopping while I'm ahead too.

Congratulations on the Amber Quill contest!!! That rocks!

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