Book Reviews, prizes, and confusion...

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I have a total of 2 book reviews to do and I'm already long overdue. I can say they're all FABULOUS...

Parallel Heat by Deidre Night... superb as usual
Midnight Secrets by Jennifer St. Giles... unbelievably talented

Then, I'm cramming in my friend Candy's book....Charmed and Ready... kickbutt and entertaining (this one is for fun)

Today I packed up about 10 prizes to send out to those who won before the chat started on Saturday and managed to get all screwed up when the stickies fell off the packages. So, I figured, these winners will just get what the want to get. I tried, that's all I'm saying.

Okay, my slave-driving writing partner is here and wants me to answer damn questions.


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Kristen Painter Says :
8:13 AM

Prizes rule.

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