Superman Returns

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I can't emphasize enough how much I love Brandon Routh as Superman. Sure, I had my reservations...but after seeing him, I am totally rooting for him and his talents. I hope that this movie continues to make box office sales because it's that good! I've seen it twice and both times I was blown away by the special effects and Brandon's resemblance to Christopher Reeve. I think he'd be proud. There were some scenes where Brandon had that same look, or the way he spoke was as if they were one and the same. The cast was brilliant and Kevin Spacey, I just love that guy. The little kid who plays Lois Lane's son was sooooo cute, I wanted to pince his little cheeks.. for a moment there I could have sworn he was another Culkin clan...

Next on my list is Pirates of the Carribbean. I'll be watching it next Friday and I hope it's even better than the first. Granted, I was more stoked about Superman than I was with Pirates. Maybe I'm the oddball.

On another kitchen is so spotless that you'd think I'd just moved into the, if I could only finish the rest of the house. Each Saturday I'm doing another segment of my apartment. Next week we tackle the livingroom! Ahhhhhh...lucky me.

4 Responses to "Superman Returns"

Amanda Brice Says :
10:33 AM

I haven't seen either yet, but I want to see Superman. I didn't see the first Pirates and am not a big Johnny Depp fan (I know...shoot me!). I also want to see Devil Wears Prada.

Silma Says :
2:12 PM

I saw Superman and it was good. Yeah, so the actor resembled the old one, but that didn't matter to me. Although it didn't hurt that he was cute, I always appreciate some eye candy. but I was just more hooked on the story line. I expected more action so I was a bit disappointed. I'm going this weekend to see Pirates 2. I've heard/seen so many mixed reviews of this movie that I've got mixed feelings about it. I know I'll enjoy Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow though. *g*

Tempest Knight Says :
10:36 PM

"Superman" was really good. I hope so is "Pirates."

Night Diva Maria Says :
12:04 AM

I've been OD-ing on rentals! Watched Failure to Launch I'd give it 3 kisses and Dick and Jane about 3 1/2 kisses. I'd love to see Pirates, but the first one scared the kids ::eyeroll:: I can't wait til their big enough for the 'good' movies ;)

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