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Hummm...I have lots of deadlines and just when you know it, that's always the time when life intervenes and you're forced to choose which door to enter. This week I'm finishing up my Ellora's Cavemen submission. I'm thinking I'll have this puppy out the door by next week, well ahead of schedule. Then I go down the list of projects I am forced to produce this year. I'm looking at 10-12 projects total for 2006 alone! Luckily I have 4 stories already under my belt and will all be published by year's end. Wow, it's kind of crazy, but I'll get those 8 others done even with all the chaos.

If you think that's hard, try running a website and forum that has enough members to be a small third world country. Talk about chaos, blunders, and cranking up the drill sargeant mode. Of course, I tend to be the one who has to smooth things over no matter how pissed off I get. Diplomatic? I hope so. Well, I guess after years of dealing with adolescent type attitudes in the Corporate world, you have to learn to incorporate it into real life situations...even if I, myself, tend to be a bit on the childish side to a select few of closest friends. But if you can't vent and be a pain in the backside to them, who can you be yourself to? With all this stuff going on, I start to wonder about the future, my priorities, my goals for my life and career. What if I keel over and die tomorrow... who's going to take care of my obligations? Who will be able to handle my workload and responsibilites? In truth, no one because I'm a total control freak. Morbid thought, yes. Possibility, yes. Solution, maybe.

I'm really re-evaluating things these days. 'I'm only human and born to make mistakes' (Thanks Human League for your insight). Well, I've noticed I've been saying that phrase a lot lately. I guess I'm at a point where I need to put everything into prospective and choose the right door to enter instead of peeking into each one of them and trying to make them all work.


Here's my first change...stop complaining and finish up my project already! I'll deal with the rest later.

3 Responses to "Deadlines"

Emma_Sanders Says :
6:42 AM

Kudos to you for all you have to deal with. Being a part of RD, I respect you a great deal. You've done a tremendous job with it! Sometimes though, when you get so busy and have too many doors, you have to take a step back. Many times all you need is a slight break and a deep breath before you open that door. Sending hugs your way.

jax Says :
4:49 PM

Thanks for the kind words Emma. I'm glad you stopped in. It's nice being able to kick back and put the rest on hold. Sometimes we do tend to neglect ourselves, which can be a bad thing in the end. Hope you are having a good time writing your hunky hero!

Amanda Jean Kelly Says :
11:48 PM

Hi Jax! Nice post. Since you're talking about RD, and all of the admin crap you go through...*and* since I've just recently started to frequent RD, I thought it would be a good time to tell you that I truly respect and admire what you've built in Romance Divas.

You started completely from scratch and through sheer force of will (and a lot of promo-ho'ing), you managed to grow the forum into a 2,000-member strong ARMY of romance industry professionals (or soon-to-be, in some cases) while it's hard to even get a decent blog readership going these days. That ROCKS! And so do you. Even from the week or so of time that I've been on there, I can tell that everyone is so supportive and kind to one another, that if you needed to take a break from things, there are people to back you up.

So, don't get discouraged, you're doing just fine. You're a high-octane diva who might spread herself a little thin at times... but you know what? There's plenty of you to go around! :-) Just focus on the things that are the most important to you and the things that aren't will gradually fade away. Love ya and miss ya lots!

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